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Kritter Digital Firewire 1394 CCD Camera
AU$509.00 Export; AU$559.00 inc. GST.
Delivery: $10+gst Melb.; $17+gst Aust. Wide; AU$50.00 World Wide

Kritter Digital - Firewire 1394 Video Conferencing and Web Camera
Using the FireWire 1394 interface, the Kritter Digital operates at speeds of 400mb/sec. This provides the user with the ability to display or capture video at a full 30 frames/second.

Kritter Digital offers the sharpest image quality on the Net. It has no Isochronous Noise (blue lining/ghosting). And unlike USB cameras that compress the video stream the Kritter Digital Firewire Camera has zero compression and utilises a high quality Sony CCD (not CMOS) that will allow you to make the best possible impression.

Works on both PC and Apple Mac. Minimum system requirements for PCs are 233 MHz Pentium processor or higher, Microsoft Windows 98, Windows ME, WindowsXP or Windows 2000 with FireWire 1394, 64MB RAM, display adapter with 16 bit colors or better and a FireWire 1394 port. Minimum system requirements for Macintosh computers are 233 PowerPC processor or higher; Mac OS 8.6 or higher or Mac OS 9.x; 64 MB RAM, 50 MB hard disk storage space and a FireWire 1394 port.
Included with the StealthFire is a suite of application software including Microsoft® NetMeeting™, Cresta Cards; video greeting software, video capture, edit and viewing software Reel-Eyes™ for MAC; VideoImpressions™ from ArcSoft, ISPQ video chat software from nanoComm and iVista webcasting software from Inetcam.
Note: Bundled software is subject to change without notice.

Kritter Digital Firewire Camera Technical Details
- Works on both PC and Apple Mac
- Compatible with the 1394 Trade Association's Digital Camera Specification, Draft 1.04
- 1394a Link Layer Controller with 400 Mbit/sec Capability
- Video Controls: Brightness (Auto/Manual), Exposure (A/M), Sharpness (M), Saturation (M), White Balance (A/M), Gamma (M), Backlight Compensation (M), Focus (M), Iris (M)
- Image formats: RGB @ 24 bits deep, YUV 4:4:4, YUV 4:2:2, YUV 4:1:1, Y 8:0:0 (grayscale)
- 1394 Protocols: Isochronous packets for Video data @ 200mps (every 125us); Asynchronous packets for control to the bus @ 200mps (up to 32 quadlets per packet)
- Image Resolution: 80X60 to 640X480. Includes SQCIF, QCIF, CIF (Not all above resolutions supported in Windows XP)
- Data Payload per Isochronous Packet: 200mps
Lens/Optical: 6.0 mm focal length, F2.0 aperture, Field of View: 56º
- Operating Voltage: 12V (Powered by the FireWire/IEEE 1394 port)
- Current Consumption: 500mA during startup, 300mA in operation
- Cable length: 2.0 m (200 cm)
- Color (case and cable): Translucent Graphite
- Full motion video - Framerate 30 fps at 640 x 480 resolution Video capture.
- Compatible with popular video conferencing software and Windows applications.
- Powered by the Firewire port. No additional power plugpack required.
- Small dimensions and portable. Compact. Can be used even on notebook PCs.
- Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice

- High quality Video Conferencing
- Telemedicine
- Video Broadcasting over Internet (Call for a demo!)
- Video Conferencing over POTS, ISDN, LAN, WAN
- Animated Video and Still Capture
- Video monitoring for security systems
- Video Email
- Website Development
- Video Streaming
- Video Snapshots

System Requirements (PC)
- 400 MHz Pentium or Athlon processor
- 1394 Firewire Port
- Windows 98SE or higher with 1394 Firewire Support
- 32 MB RAM of application memory
- Display adapter with 16 bit colours or better

System Requirements (Apple Mac)
- Operating systems supported: Mac OS 9.x, Mac OS 10.2 and above. Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
- 1394 Firewire Port
- 32 MB RAM of application memory

Bundled Software
The included software gives you all you need to:
- Capture video and still images
- Email video and still images
- Make live video calls
- Broadcast live over the web
- Edit videos - Direct your own videos
- Edit photos like a professional
- Add movies and pictures to your website
- Set up a motion sensitive security camera
- Note: Bundled software is subject to change without notice

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