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Australian and Worldwide Distributor for
PCI 4 Port or 8 Port
Universal Low profile RS232 Serial Port Card (3.3V)

4 Ports AU$349 Export, AU$384 inc GST
8 Ports AU$390 Export, AU$429 inc GST

Delivery: $14+gst Melbourne Metro, $18+gst Australia Wide, AU$50 World Wide

The PCI bus 4 port or 8 port universal RS232 adapter is particularly suited to facilitate the connection of terminals (VDUs) in multi-user operating systems. The PCCOM board may be installed in any Pentium or hardware compatible systems. The PnP features let hardware configuration for IRQ and I/O address is detected by BIOS automatically, you don't need set switch and jumper.
On board XR16C854 chip provides four 16850 functions which contains 128 bytes FIFO buffer for each 16850 ports. There are two kinds of board to choose from, one is dual speed (clock rate is 7.3728MHZ) board with baud rate up to 230K, another is octal speed board (clock rate is 14.7456 MHZ) with baud rate up to 1M.
Provides RS232 interface for 3.3V internal voltage, which has lower power consumption.

The features of the Micronica 4 Port or 8 Port Universal Low Profile RS232 Adapter (3.3V):
* Low Profile 3.3 Volts
* 4 or 8 RS232 Serial Ports for asynchronous communications.
* Works under Windows XP, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 3.1x, Windows NT, DOS, Linux etc.
* IBM PC/AT, PC/386, PC/486, Pentium hardware compatible.
* PCI Bus

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