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Your systems and peripheral applications protector!!

If you want to lessen the probalility of encountering system problems due to computer lockups and you want to make it much easier and convenient, you don't have to look elsewhere, we make it possible for you! Both PCI Watchdog Timer and ISA Watchdog Timers Card versions are available to suit your particular needs.

Watch Dog II provides a user selectable refresh timer to be used inside and outside of your PC. To prevent your computer and peripheral devices from hanging from the inside and automatically reset the system or the computer itself from the outside. Avoiding costly downtime and onsite field visits ! Fantastic for unattended operation!


Another example, while using your computer, unexpectedly your modem hangs. One way of resetting it again is to switch off then turn on your modem to continue on working.   But now, there is the new way around, Watchdog II will automatically repower and reset the modem. So it will protect your application software system.


  • Provides user selectable refresh timer (from 62.5ms. to 64s. as default).
  • When the application program does not generate the refresh signal, the computer will be reset automatically or the expansion power control box will automatically cut-off the Mains Power. Which can also thereby reset peripheral equipment such as a modem.
  • Available with 110 volts & 240 volts (10A) Plug type UK, Europe, U.S.A. & Australia type selectable.
  • I/O address selectable (from 0 to 0FFE Hex).
  • PC/386, PC/486, Pentium hardware compatible. Suitable for MS/DOS, OS/2, Windows/95, Windows/98,
  • BNC Connector Signal is Voltage signal with Open Collector. You can adapt to your own requirements using your own relay controllers or opto coupler circuitry if you require.
  • Supports Windows/NT and Linux operating systems.


  • Maximum Temperature - < 50 Degrees C.
  • Relative Humidity - < 90%
  • Maximum Shock - 1.5 G
  • Maximum Vigration - 2.0 G
  • Altitude - < 20000 ft


Windows/95, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, OS/2, SCO UNIX/XENIX and Linux to access the card.

When watchdog II is enabled it will always refresh the motherboard that prevents it from hanging. In this card,

we support the library for DOS, Windows 3.XX, Windows/95 and device drivers for Windows/NT, OS/2, SCO



  • Watch dog II timer adapter.
  • Watchdog expansion power control box.
  • User manual.
  • RG59AU Connection cable.
  • Utility software (device driver and library for MS/DOS, OS/2, Windows/95, Windows/3.1, Windows/98, Windows/NT and Linux operating systems).
  • Power Cable.


The advantage of  Watchdog II over the Watch Dog is that the Watch Dog II has an expansion power control box that can control external component.


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