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Darim Multimedia Product Line
Model #
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Product Information
MPEG Encoding MPEG1/2/4 H/W encoder        
>Product Details<
MG100 $450.00 Low cost, High Quality MPEG 1 Encoder. Supports Windows, Linux, MAGIX SDK for Windows & Linux
>Product FAQ<
MG4 $995.00 MPEG 1,2,4 Encoder.
Ideal for both High Quality Video Capture and Video Streaming
Capture and stream mpeg1,2,4 video
  MPEGator  MG1 $1743.00 Use existing 8x8 chip for more production/Magix Mpeg 1 Encoder, SDK
  Software MPEG Encoder        
  DVMPEG 5 DM50 $400.00 Software MPEG1/2 encoder  
  DVMPEG 6 DM60 $400.00 Software MPEG1/2 encoder Version 6.0 in stock NOW!!
  MPEG & Video Processing         
  MFilter - Standalone MFS $1,077.00 Video Preprocessing Board. Control through RS232 Serial Port, PC/MAC, YUV, S-Video, RGB, Composite Video Modular for Multicard, Daisy Chain,On Screen Display
Video Streaming MPEG1/2 Streaming        
  MxTV 1000 Mx1000 $19,800.00 Turnkey, 160 GB, license for 100 clients, file server Add MPEG 1 or MPEG 2 files
  Viewer System        
  M1View M1V $220.00 MPEG1 Software Viewer  
  M2View M2V $230.00 MPEG2 Software Viewer  
  Unlimited Licence   $5,000.00 Unlimited client license for MPEG1 S/W decoder  
  Standalone Streaming Server        
  Netgator 100 NG100 $857.00 Standalone Streaming MPEG1 Video transmitter over network Video & audio, Up to S-Video
  MPEG4 Streaming Video over Internet        
MPEG4 Streaming Server
MV401XP $6,413.00 MPEG4, WM9, MPEG2, H.264 Embedded WME, Remote Control, no HDD, 2U System
MPEG4 Streaming Server
MV401EXP $9,950.00 Includes h.264 or WM9 codec. Under 1 Second Conversion Delay (Under 700mS with h.264 using 2Mbps link between MV401 transmitter and MV410 receiver).
As used by Bloomberg
Allows 50 Viewers at a time
MPEG4 Streaming Receiver
MV410EXP $9,250.00 Advanced Video Decoder using h.264 - 1U Case. Composite, SVideo, Component, SDI Output with embedded audio, 6 Channel Analog Balanced Audio, AES/EBU  
Broadcasting Virtual Set        
VS2000 $30,000.00 Virtual Set ( Hollow Ring+ K-Matte), Up to S-Video Low Cost Virtual Set System for Internet broadcasting
  VS2010  VS2010   No longer available No longer available
  VS2020 VS2020   High Quality Virtual Set (Hollow Ring + K-Matte) Component, SDI input
Surveillance and Recording VideoSpider Product Line        
(As used by NASA !)
DVSH8 $9072.00 19" Rack Mount, 8 Channel MPEG4 Spider System (includes 2 x SP444), Without HDD 2Hr High Quality Video is about 8GB. "Recorded video quality is very good. Virtually indistinguishable from the original."-K.R.,Department of Defence
  DVSM DVSM8 $14,000.00 19" Industrial Rack type, 1 VS card (8CH), 40GB HDD, network Basic system, Unlimited Licence
  Add. card VSxxx $4,000.00 Additional Board excluding SP111  
  Spider Encoding Board        
  Spider Board SP118 SP118 $4,000.00 VideoSpider board, 8CH@15 (NTSC) or 12.5(PAL) fps max  
  SP 144 SP144 $4,000.00 MPEG1 encoder, 4CH @30 (NTSC) or 25 (PAL) fps max  
  SP 408 SP408 $2,240.00 8 Channel MPEG4 S/W encoding, 60 fps Spider Board
  SP 444 SP444 $3,670.00 4 Channel MPEG4 H/W encoding, 120 fps, 500mS Conversion Delay Spider Board
  Spider Netgator 100 SNG100 $3,000.00 Standalone MPEG1 Spider server (1 CH) Working with Spider for Security application (Casino)
  Spider Accessory Board        
  8 CH Breakout Box SD8 $220.00 Dummy 8 CH Box for SP118  
  19" 16 CH BO Box SR16 $400.00 19" Rack type case (16 CH) for SP118  
  19" 8 to 16 Splitter SRSP8 $600.00 Video Splitter, 8 CH IN/OUT, two Spider out  
  WebCam Solutions        
  NetGatorEYE NGE $1,160.00 MPEG1/JPEG based WebCam (min order: 100) No Audio, with 1 CH external video in
  Netgator 104 NG104 $2,000.00 Netgator 100 with 4 CH video-In (BNC) MPEG video Streaming/ Audio(1 CH)
  Remote Monitoring over Telephone Line        
  SeeHawk 5.1
SH200 $1,295.00 4 Camera Video + Audio Surveillance over telephone line. With Built-in modem (Not Australian Approved) 4xVideo, 1xFull Duplex Audio Mic/Spk, PSTN or ISDN, 5FPS, 8 TTL In, 4 Relay Out
  SeeHawk 3.1
Built-in modem (Not Australian Austel Approved) 6 Camera Video Surveillance over telephone line
  SeeHawk 3.1
For external modem or ISDN without built-in modem 6 Camera Video Surveillance over telephone line
  PC Surveillance        
  PC SnOOp Pro PSP-USB $388.00 Capturing device (PCI or USB camera) and software  
  PC SnOOp Pro 4 PSP4 $1,000.00 4 Channel PC SnOOp Pro 4 Capture Card+Software Kit  
  Standalone DVR         
BR $2,600.00 Standalone type, Remote Scheduler/effect/RGB/YUV  
  REC104 DVR REC104X000 $1,350.00 Digital Video Recorder DVR. 4 Channel, 2 Ch Audio. No HDD  
  REC104 DVR REC104X80 $1,500.00 Digital Video Recorder DVR. 4 Channel, 2 Ch Audio. 80GB Hard Disk  
  RECO104 DVR REC104 RMV $1,350.00 Digital Video Recorder DVR. 4 Channel, 2 Ch Audio. Removable Hard Disk  
  RECO104 DVR REC104 RMVN $1,500.00 Digital Video Recorder DVR. RECO104RMV + Network  
  C-DVR   $2000.00    
  M-DVR MDVR4 $3,000.00 Quad Input 4ch Quad Digital VCR

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