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Remote Controlled Camera and Video Server
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Camera and Video Server available seperately
Camera AU$800 Export, AU$880 inc GST
Server AU$900 Export, AU$990 inc GST

Delivery: $13+ Melbourne Metro, $20+ Australia Wide Overnight, AU$75 World Wide

Camera Demo

Demo Options:


2 - Simple single screen view video

3 - Four remote controlled cameras

4 - Single remote controlled camera

Note: Please excuse slow response time. This demo runs on a limited speed data link limited to 30 kbps max. With ADSL or Ethernet the response is instantaneous! And Video is smooth!

NOTE: The first time you access the demo you will be asked to receive the Active X plugin which you have to "Accept". If your security settings are too high please change them as follows:
Tools|Internet Options|Security|Custom|Active X Controls and Plugins|Change from "Disable" to "Prompt". Then restart Internet Explorer.
IP :

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High Speed Dome Camera
MICRONICA proudly presents our advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) dome camera and compact Streaming Video Server. The PTZ-7720 high performance dome camera accepts up to 128 programmable preset positions, with each preset linked to one of ten selectable scene files. Other features include a panning speed of up to 360 degrees per second, up to 128X zoom lens with automatic focus, and electronic sensitivity to extend dynamic range for excellent pictures. The color camera provides 480-line horizontal resolution and 48 dB of S/N ratio with DSP circuit. Price INCLUDES our "Plug and Play" video server to allow video broadcasting and remote control capability. Just plug it into your ethernet or ADSL network, use DHCP or Fixed IP address and start transmitting immediately! No additional PC required! And no messy and costly video cabling! PSTN connectivity solutions also available. Or couple it to your own video server equipment to provide 30 fps streaming clear video. Ideal for those Supermarket, Shopping Centre, Car Wash, Manufacturing Sites, Carpark, Prison and other major applications where the power of up to 128X Zoom and the 128 pre-set positions, can be put to use lowering camera counts whilst powerfuly increasing tracking and resolving capabilities.
Our DynaCam Controller can handle up to 255 CCTV devices, so integration is a breeze. Connect it to your LAN/WAN and and you have unbeatable options for serious applications. You can even connect to it via Internet from work or anywhere in the world to see what's happening at home or other corporate premises. With the ability to see 16 cameras simultaneously in one standard Web Browser !
No matter how you look at it, Micronica's new ALL-in-One PTZ-7720 dome camera offers you the best intelligent digital video broadcasting and surveillance product solution in today's market place.
> High resolution 1/4" CCD Camera
> Speed rotation up to 360 degrees
   per second
> 128 Zoom (16xOpt,8xDig)
> Auto Focus
> Bi-directional communication
> Preset up to 8 programs
> Max. 128 preset positions per
> 5-inch miniature size
> AC/DC Power supply available
> Line-lock ext. sync available
> Friendly user interface
> RS485 remote control
> Dome Status Real time Report
> Camera parameters remote
> Intelligent Digital BLC
> ID labels for each camera and

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Various Housings:
> Indoor and Outdoor
   -Indoor: Included in the price!
   -Outoor: $350.00+gst
   -Outoor with Heater: $395.00+gst