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Internet Remote Control and Data Acquisition

Remote monitoring and control is now an affordable reality over the Internet !

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Here is a Sample Using Java. Used with our remote data acquisitiion and control card products...

Sample Using Active X


Micronica now provides Digital Industrial Controller (DIC) software tool kits, which provide remote instrument control functions via Internet and World Wide Web (WWW). It extends Digital Industrial Interfaces (DII) and Remote Industrial Control from a single computer development environment to a client-server development environment.
When combined with our Data Acquisition and Control products it creates a powerful remote monitoring and control system which can use the Internet as the data transport medium. To retrieve data and send control information right around the world.
For example, Remote Temperature and Humidity Monitoring and Digital Input Output Control. Turn on/off Lights, Fans, etc etc. Yes, even Internet remote controlled toasters are now a reality ! And you can even monitor the temperature while it's happening :)
The application software plus software development tool kit to make it all happen is now included FREE with all our data acquisition and control products. For you to use. The software kit comes with sample applications to get you started:

1) Industrial Controller - Software development tool kit which provides remote instruments control function via Internet and World Wide Web.

2) Turn-Point - Sample Application Software for Remote Temperature, Humidity and Digital Input Output Control.

3) Driver - Industrial Interface Device Drivers for Windows 95, 98, NT.


Remote monitoring through data acquisition systems and data collection using the Internet.
Remote control of devices through our digital I/O products using the Internet.


The DIC package contains DIC client and DIC server processes. The DIC client process can be installed in one computer, and the DIC server process can be installed in another computer, to active as client-server model; or both DIC client and DIC server are installed in one computer system. The DIC server connects to data acquisition products directly and accepts commands from the DIC client, and collects data from these data acquisition products, then reports collected data to DIC client via Winsock.
The application program will be executed under the DIC client, which sends commands to the DIC server and receives collected data from the DIC server for further processing.
There is a remote DII library that's built in the DIC client site; its functions are the same as DII library except it features network communication capability. Users may call OCX functions of the remote DII library to communicate with the DIC server via internet; or encapsulate OCX functions of remote DII library to Active X Control, then run developed application program under Internet Explorer (IE) browser.

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If you are interested and need more information for the above special data acquisition or measurement software development kit for WWW and Internet remote control function, contact us.

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