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RISCOM Intelligent Multiport Serial Cards

RISCOM 8 Port ISA Multi Port Serial Card
8 Port PCI Multi Port Serial Card

AU$390 Export, AU$429 inc GST
Delivery: $9+gst Melbourne Metro, $17+gst Australia Wide, AU$50 World Wide

* Works under Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP. Drivers Included
* Works under Windows, Linux, UNIX, DOS etc etc.
* RISC Processor takes load off your computer.
* ISA Bus RISC Processor. PCI non-RISC multiport card also available! CALL!

The RISCOM 4/8 port RISC adapter is a low cost RS232 or RS422 Intelligent Multiport Serial Card. To enhance communication performance, it features its own on board CL-CD 1400 RISC chips. So the I/O workload of the host system is greatly reduced. Each four channels serial communication engine is made up of a RISC processor (MPU), RAM, ROM, host bus interface logic, and four serial data channels, each channel contains both 12 bytes FIFO for transmitter and receiver. The RISCOM 8/4 port RISC card provides eight (or four) asynchronous serial communication ports ( RS232C/RS422 ), which link the computer and serial peripheral devices such as terminals, modems, serial printers, plotters, ... etc.

The RISCOM 4/8 port RISC adapter is particularly suited to facilitate the connection of terminals ( VDUs ) in multi-user operating systems.

The RISCOM ISA Bus board may be installed in any IBM PC/AT, PC/386, PC/486, Pentium or hardware compatible systems. To accommodate a variety of operating systems two switch banks permit maximum flexibility of configuration. The interrupt (IRQ3 to IRQ15) and on board I/O address also can be selected to define resource settings with total certainty. Several boards can be installed in the system to allow for simple and convenient port expansion as required. Cards can be configured to use individual interrupts or even "daisy chained" to use a single shared interrupt. Total flexibility.



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