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Micronica HiP-400 SOHOmate

(Doc Rev. 1.7 23/7/04)

The following assumes you have a Network Adapter with the most basic Windows network configuration installed. If you have already installed any login application software such as "Telstra Big Pond Cable Launchpad" then uninstall it completely first ! You no longer need it. And it actually does more harm than good. Keep it simple ! The HiP-400 does it all the logging in for you. That's one of great things about it. Setting up your broadband connection is so much easier :)
1) Connect the Micronica HiP-400 to your computer Network Adapter
   using one of the supplied network cables.
2) Switch on the Micronica HiP-400 Internet Sharer. Wait about 10
   seconds for HiP-400 to start up and initialise.
3) Switch on your computer and boot Windows 95/98.
4) Launch your Internet Browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer or
   Netscape). Make sure any "Proxy" settings are DISABLED.
5) Enter the following IP address in the URL field:
   The HiP-400 Configuration Screen will pop up immediately.
6) Enter the default Administrator ID: "admin"
7) Select "Primary Setup". Enter your Internet Service Provider
   details, including username and password.
   Don't forget to select the network type which you are connected to:
   "Wan Type Selection":
   -Telstra ADSL:
    "PPP Over Ethernet"
    Note: User Name takes the format: "username@bigpond"
   -Telstra Cable:
    "Dynamic IP Address with Roadrunner Session Management-Telstra Bigpond"
    Note: User Name takes the format: "username"
   -Dial Up or ISDN Modem:
    "Dial-Up Network"
    Note: User Name takes the format: "username" for Telstra ISDN and PSTN
   -Optus at Home
    "Dynamic IP Address"
    Note: Some systems require "Host Name" to be set to "@Home" for email to
    work. Optus has recently made changes to their system. So Try it without
    that option first to keep things simpler. You may also need to enter the
    Network Card ID provided by Optus in the HiP-400 configuration or get
    Optus to accept the Network ID of the HiP-400. Please discuss with Optus.
8) "Save" the configuration details. Select "Reboot" to update details.
9) Switch off HiP-400. Connect your modem. Switch on HiP-400. It will
   connect and log in to your ISP automatically.
You're up and running !

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