[ComputerEyes/PCI product shot]


The ComputerEyes/PCI video frame grabber takes advantage of the new powerful high-speed PCI bus to deliver much higher performance than available on traditional ISA bus machines. Like all of our models, this new product makes it easy to capture excellent quality stills and motion video from any video source, but the ComputerEyes/PCI's forte is speed!

Need to look at one particular full-resolution frame from a fast-motion video, such as a golf swing? Traditional ISA frame grabbers have one frame buffer to store the incoming video frame. The card then must transfer that frame to the computer over the ISA bus to the computer's memory before the next frame can be grabbed. While transferring small amounts of data for preview can be quite fast, moving the full video resolution (which can be up to a megabyte of data per frame) can take up to one full second, during which 30 more frames of video have gone by. The PCI bus, with up to 100 times the transfer rate of ISA, will allow the capture and display of every frame.

ComputerEyes/PCI Features:

System Requirements:
IBM PC compatible computer with one free PCI slot and 8mb RAM (minimum), SVGA graphics capabilities
Windows 3.x or Windows95