* * * Software included with the InVideo Kit * * *

Micronica's Digital Vision InVideo kit includes SWAGS of great software !! 
Apart from the Win31/95/NT Drivers. Software may vary from time to time. 
Please check to be sure.

Give this program to those you are distributing .MPG files to if they
do not have an .MPG player.
Note: ActiveMovie is automatically installed for you when installing
MGI VideoWave or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Send customized electronic messages to friends, relatives, and
business associates using your ComputerEyes/PCI capture card and
this terrific software from Network Light and Sound.

CU-SeeMe for Windows 95/NT
With CU-SeeMe 3.0 Video Chat Software, you can make new friends,
expand your social networks, find people with similar interests,
watch entertaining cybercast events and much more!

EmuLive Pro
EMUlive PRO broadcasts live video with text and imaging effects from
a desktop PC running Windows 95 or NT to websites on the Internet or
on a network.  Web servers receiving the images can be on any
platform.  EMULive PRO broadcasts fluid video motion over standard
Internet connections with a 14.4 or 28.8 baud modem.  It uses any of
today's video capture devices, as well as its own proprietary
Screenscrape technology that can use any desktop application as its
video source.

Face It PC 3.0
FaceIt is an award winning high performance software engine that
automatically detects, locates, extracts and identifies human faces
from live video, with applications to access control, security and
law enforcement. 

All multimedia authoring systems offer the ability to bring together
text, sound, graphics and video.  Only HyperStudio provides its own
innovative approach in the following ways: accessing data on the
Internet, the ability to create and edit AVI movies, built-in image
capture, Mac-Windows project compatibility and the widest range of
file type compatibility for graphics and sound.

MCI Test Suite
This application will test the installation of the MCI drivers for
the ComputerEyes/PCI.  Use only if you plan on using MCI controls to 
interface with the ComputerEyes/PCI.

MGI PhotoSuite
Run PSDEMO.EXE in this folder for an informative and entertaining
demonstration of MGI's award winning PhotoSuite software - the
easiest way to edit, organize and be creative with your photos!

With Microsoft(R) NetMeeting(TM), you can communicate over the
Internet using real-time audio, video, and data sharing, allowing you
to see, hear, and share information with friends, relatives, and

This easy to install software takes the input from your ComputerEyes
InVideo kit camera and broadcasts live video and audio. This video
broadcast can then be received by anyone on the Internet using only
the Netscape Web Browser, without the need for complicated plug-ins
or add-ons!.  WebCast is the only clientless, server-push video
software solution of it's kind!  The remote receiver of WebCast video
must be using Netscape Navigator version 3.0 or higher.

MGI Videowave
Comprehensive video editing software. Create your own video clips with
special effects, sound and everything you need to make a prefessional
looking video.