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Micronica AntiSpam! is the solution which cuts your Spam problem by over 95 % ! As found in real life situations.
Please read the real life Customer Testimonials if you are rightfully sceptical.

Our Spam blocking list is MANUALLY updated DAILY ! By real life people. Not by some computer algorithm that so often gets it wrong.

Our AntiSpam service integrates easily with the popular email server systems by Microsoft and also the Industry Standard Sendmail, which we can set up for you if required. We will provide the Blocking List of the thousands of individual IP Addresses as well as Domain Names that we update daily in other formats as required.
AntiSpam is designed to send a useful mesage to some sources such as reputable ISP's customers and totally reject other proven persistant Spam sources, completely.

And becuase the blocking list is on your local server there is no delay in lookups and additional traffic costs to some remote blocking list. A BIG speed improvement and cost saving!

Very simple price structure.
- $5/day for High Schools, Primary Schools and small Businesses
- $7/day for Universitites and medium to large Businesses over 20 people.
- Free with every Micronica Email account

Subscription can be paid quarterly or on a once of trial basis $450 which is also valid for 3 months of updates.

So now there is no excuse to waste your time sifting through the hundreds of daily Spams any more ! Think of the time cost saving to YOU...multiplied over ALL the people in your organisation.

Some vital features that makes the Micronica AntiSpam! service so MUCH better than any other system or idea:
- Spam sources are blocked based on their source. Yes, their actual IP address! A costly process for organisations to administer themselves. But one that's clearly most effective. Not based on clever text algorithms which spammers easily fool:
- Spam sources can be blocked based on sub domain or domain name as required.
- Persistant spam sources get blocked by BOTH IP Address AND Domain Name ! Not just by their IP address. So spammer domains can change their domain name but will STILL be BLOCKED ! Conversely, they can change their IPs and will ALSO remain BLOCKED ! The best of both worlds. So Spammers can run but they can't hide behind changed names. Ideal.
- Our blocking list is our own updated list. Updated in Australia and therefore most relevant to organisations located in Australia who of course receive spam from all around the world. So it's not "USA centric" in what is blocked or allowed to pass through. In fact Australian Spam and Virus sources are specially treated with a "soft treatment" of courtesy messages where possible except for extreme abuse sources.
- ISP's proven to harbour persistant spammers are easily blocked.
- Persistant Virus senders on ADSL lines can easily be blocked. With a courteous "Rejection Message" alterting them to the fact that they have a virus.
- Rejection messages can be as courteous as you like. Or as brief and blunt as you like. Thereby saving you rejection traffic costs !
- Need to receive email from a source which we have blocked in our REJECTION LIST but you want to receive mail from ? No Problem ! You easily run your own local "ALLOW" table which is checked before our rejection list ! A simple table in ASCII Text form. Easily amended by anyone. To ensure wanted emails ALWAYS get through. Just what you want.
- And you can still run your own local text based filtering if you like. To further filter any spams that might get through. Although text based filters are as you know regarded as virtually ineffective, they can still be used.

The matter of Spam is a complex one, if it is to be treated effectively and avoid false rejections and false passthroughs. And to ensure that even blocked sources will allow SPECIFIC emailers to STILL GET THROUGH ! Even though the rest are blocked. So please contact Micronica for full details and to discuss and advise you on your exact needs and a full explanation of how AntiSpam! works to help you to save your time and get on with your work.

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