Internet "Illiterate" ?
No Problem ! We'll get you up and running FAST !!

So you’ve read all the books and talked to all the people. But you’re still no wiser of what you need and what it costs and you’re still not on the Net ?
So what will it REALLY cost to start using the net like half an expert ?

Here’s the Deal ! Note:All prices +GST
Build your own Internet Starter Package from the following component checklist, depending on your individual needs. Any or all of the items are available seperately as required. Just go through the list and add it up at the end. Then give us a call.
Internet Subscription $50
If you already have a subscription, we don’t mind. If you don’t, we’ll provide it. 1 year subscription includes:
* 50 hours of access. Enough to get "square eyes" and find out if the Net is really for you. $2/hour after that.
* Your own International Email address, World Wide Web access, FTP downloads, BBS downloads etc.
* Your own FREE Home Page for the adventurous who want to advertise on the net. Especially Schools.
Software Installation Service $70
If you like, we’ll get your computer configured and tested with all the necessary software to access the Internet, send and receive Email and "Surf the Net". We can configure your Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, 2000, XP. Whatever you have!
Introductory Training Course $70
You don’t need a long and costly College training course to use the Internet. We’ll get you through the scary part alive and in one piece ! Our 1 hour "crash course" will teach you what you really need to know. The rest you can learn later, if you think you really want to know more. This One-on-one hands on course includes:
* Dialling up and connecting to the Internet.
* How to send and receive Email messages to/from your friends and businesses, anywhere in the world.
* Browsing the Net with Explorer or Netscape and how to find information you are looking for.
* Introduction to our own easy to use "Home Page" which gives lots of examples for beginners of what you can do on the Internet. From graphics and searches through to checking the latest weather forecast. And even speech recordings of Edward Jozis’ 3RRR FM "The Digital Doctor" technical advice segment of the popular "Byte Into it" computer Radio show.
Advanced Training
Not normally required. But if you really can’t supress your curiosity or need advice on very specialised network aspects, we can advicse you at our standard consultancy service rates from $70/hour. From TCP/IP right through to video conferencing, server configuration and wide area networks. Or just more of an idea of how it all works.
On Site Service Call $70
Too much trouble to bring your computer to our site ? No problem. We’ll come to YOU if you require ! And do all the work and training on your site. $70 in the Metro area. Hourly travel rate applies to outer areas.
Modem If you don’t have a modem we can provide it. Prices range from around $50 for a high quality Internal Modem card to $173 ex tax for one of Australia’s very fastest top of the line External Modem. And shades in between. $______


Any other bits such as Windows, High speed serial ports, complete high quality computer system, checkout and upgrade of your existing system can be provided at current market price, as required.
So now there’s finally no excuse not to be on the net. We provide you the complete One Stop Shop solution. Quickly, conveniently and at an affordable price. For more detailed information phone:

184 Napier Street, South Melbourne, 3205
Tel:96998844, Fax:96905331