EXAT P2 EX Baby AT Size Pentium II Motherboard

Motherboard Layout

    EXAT Specification:
  1. Pentium P-II Baby AT Size Motherboard Model EXAT
  2. Slot 1 CPU Socket. Socket 370 adapter optional available.
  3. Standard Baby AT Size. So it uses STANDARD Case, Keyboard, PSU etc.
  4. Great for new computers or upgrades to P2 from 386/486/Pentium. No problems
  5. 233/266/300/333/366/400 Mhz
  6. Chipset: Intel 82440 EX
  7. Bios: Award Plug & Play,Flash BIOS
  8. Expansion Slots: 2 x ISA, 3 x PCI, 1 x AGP
  9. On Board I/O: 1 x FDD port; 1 x Parallel port (SPP,EPP,ECP port);2 x Serial Port(16C550)
  10. I/O Connector: Support PS/2 mouse; USB; IrDA Port
  11. Power Connector: Support both AT and ATX type power connector
  12. Auto 1.8-3.5 Volts
  13. Form Factor: 220mm x 200mm,Baby AT Form Factor
  14. Jumperless CPU type, CPU Auto Temperature Sensor, Music Alarm, Voltage Monitor
  15. CPU Fan Monitor, Keyboard Power On, PS/2 Mouse Power On, Modem Ring On
  16. Lan Wake Up and much much more !! It really does the lot !

Unique Feature-

  1. Standard Baby AT size and connectors to allow use of your standard system components such as case, keyboard, PSU etc.

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