TM-586 TX Motherboard

    TM-586TX1 Specification:
  1. Processor (CPU): Intel Pentium(P54C/P55C CPU with MMX 75-266MHz) Full Range Cyrix 6x86(L)/M2;AMD K5/K6 Simple Dip Switch CPU setting
  2. Power System Switching Voltage Regulator
  3. Chipset: Intel 430TX PCIset
  4. Cache Memory : On Board 512KB Pipeline Burst SRAM
  5. DRAM Module: 72 Pin SIMM x4 - EDO,FP 168 Pin DIMM x2 - 3.3/5V, Support FP , EDO,SDRAM Maximum 256MB
  6. Expansion Slot : 4 x 32 bit Master PCI Local Bus Slot;3 x 16 bit ISA slots
  7. On Board I/O: 1 x FDD port; 1 x Parallel port (EPP,ECP port);2 x Serial Port(16C550)
  8. I/O Connector: Support PS/2 mouse;2 sets of USB Connectors;IrDA Port
  9. Power Connector: Support both AT and ATX type power connector Support 'Soft-Off'for PC 97; 'Modem Ring-On'function
  10. Bios: Award Plug & Play,Flash BIOS
  11. Power Management: ACPI (Advanced Configuration Power Interface)Ready
  12. Form Factor: 220mm x 280mm,Bady AT Form Factory

Unique Feature-

  1. Keyboard Power On/Off: with ATX power you can easily power on/off system through simple combination of key stroke