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How to view Full Header Information with Microsoft Outlook and Eudora Email Reader

Why would you want to read the "Full Header" information ? Because Spammers fake their email address. They want you to click on the link in the Spam and don't actually want you to reply to them at all. If you do then you will most time be emailing some poor innocent person on the internet. Or a non existing email address. With the full header information you can see where the Spam is REALLY coming from. And you can even email their internet provider then and tell them they have a spammer. Or customer sending viruses!

  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 & Microsoft Outlook 2000 & 2002
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    You must open the individual message. You can't see it from the INBOX index.
    - Click VIEW on the top tool bar.
    - Click OPTIONS. The full header information is in a separate Popup window.
    The Header information is available, but it is not contained in the message body, but in a separate window. All messages actually have the full header info. It is just not normally shown. Unlike Netscape mail or Eudora, it is never contained in the message body.
    If you want to send the header information from Outlook to someone you will have to highlight the header details in the popup window and then "CONTROL C" to "Copy" the text and then "PASTE" it into Notepad or your email program.
    For descriptions of the process and what is contained in a full header see:
    - http://office.microsoft.com/assistance/
    - http://office.microsoft.com/assistance/preview.aspx?AssetID=HA010937071033&CTT=1&Origin=EC010230001033&QueryID=9Fu5D3oOu0
    Thanks to Phil Fehring for that piece of information above.

  • Eudora Email Version 1.4.4
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    Click on Special|Switches|Miscellany|Tick "Show all Headers"
    Then open the offending email in our "In Box" and you will now see the full header information.

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