* * * How to get the Internet setup "Hint Sheets" * * *

We try to make it so that you can do it as easily and cheaply as possible
without having to pay for labour service. But we can't spend a lot of free time
on the phone. To do it on the phone is time consuming and too costly for us on
staff labour cost. And often too frustrating for untrained users. So please
do avail your self of the installation service facility if you can afford it.
The standard internet access charges do NOT include free technical support
as you know. The access charges are access charges for access ONLY. They do
not include free labour costs if you have problems configuring your computer.

1) The cheapest way:
How do you get the setup details and suggested instruction "Hint Sheets"s on
a late and rainy Sunday afternoon ? SIMPLE! You can get everything you need
to setup and configure your system for Win31, Win95, Win98, Linux, DOS etc.
Including a copy of Netscape or Explorer, Eudora Email and more....
WITHOUT bothering Micronica and at no cost to yourself. Please remember that
the system has the "Bulletin Board" facility which is offered EVERY time you 
log in. Remember ? So you can simply use any terminal program such as Hyperterm
(comes with Win98) or theWin 3.1 terminal program. Or Telix, Procom or any one
of the many standard terminal programs that probably came with your modem
anyway. Just set it up for "VT-100" and select "Option 2" at the Dial In Menu.
So now all you need to remember is the dial in number :)
And you can do the rest yourself.

2) Drop in your computer or get us to come out on site to set it up. At the
standard service rate. No hassle for you. And no mistakes by well meaning
friends and familiy who don't really know what they're doing. Everything
will be tested and we will even install a couple of "fallback positions"
for extra email reader and Web browser. In case you corrupt or delete your
favourite ones :)
We will also take the opportunity to highlight and discuss any evident
computer problems you may have. So it's a good time to get your system
checked out at the same time.

3) Call us and we will try to "talk you through" on the phone. If possible.
You will need to have a credit card for this service. Standard service
rate applies. $72/hour+GST+Card Charge.

4) Call us and we will fax the "Hint Sheets" to you after we confirm your
identity for security purposes.

5) If you have a credit card you can call us and we will manually, yes
manually, print off the hint sheets and post them to you. 
Cost is $10+GST+card charge.

Best Regards
Edward Jozis
"The Digital Doctor"