* * * M o d e m P e r f o r m a n c e * * *

For your interest, on a local download to a 33K modem using our Micronica "JUMBUCK 56K" (see micronica.com.au/catalog/modems) we often get 3.5KBps performance using Netscape 3 browser. And up to peaks of 10KBps using Telix 3.21 on a text file download ! So slow modem performance is unlikely to be a problem at our end. We push our modems HARD :)

Most techo guys know why modems can perform poorly. And have known for many years. To find some sure fire good reasons yourself as to why, check out the following "Digital Doctor" segments at:
www.micronica.com.au/digdoctor. The following are relevant:
- Tech Talk 14/11/96. How to push your modem really HARD.

Also try the following:
Your modem may be working fairly well but in actual fact may be poorly   
configured such that it may be having problems at your end. Possibly
coping with the new V90 LAPM error correction standard. So members should
consider trying another brand of modem if you find really super slow
performance. Please consider bringing in your system for a checkup. Call
Edward on 96998844 to make an appointment.                              
Apart from the suggested tests advised last week, also consider:
1 - We can  NOT control or improve performance to variable good and bad 
    sites such as Microsoft. They get hit pretty hard. Thats up to our
    internet backbone in Australia, Telstra, and the web site themselves. 
    Beyond our control.
2 - Just because nothing APPEARS to be happening on the screen does NOT 
    mean you are not receiving data. It is common for screen content to
    pop up instantaly AFTER data has been received. Because your system
    is busy receiving and building the visual content whilst incomplete.
    The only REAL indication is the RX or RD Data Receive light on your
    modem, if you have an external one. Keep an eye on that.
3 - One member has reminded me to remind everyone to turn Call Waitng OFF
    because that is of course a known DYNAMITE cause of errors and also 
    Modem dropouts. But you probably know that already ? :)         
    Check out and listen to the Digital Doctor segment dealing with what
    makes modems drop out if unsure. The player is quick and easy to set
4 - If you suspect your telephone line is prone to errors then lock down
    the connection speed of your modem to a safe speed. You can also
    contact Telstra to do a MOLDS test (Modem On Line Diagnostic System)
    done on your particular phone line. Call Telstra on 1800066594.
5 - If you can't get more than 19.2kbit/s there is a special service to help
    you. Contact the Internet Assistance program on 1800427457 or go to
    http://www.iapselfhelp.com to test your phone line and modem and get
    some tips to improve performance.
6 - If you need a good high quality FAST external modem consider our Micronica
    Jumbuck56K...info is on the website. Check out the performance
    comparison chart !                                                
Apart from that, please consider bringing in your system for a checkup or just general consultation. Call Edward on 96998844 to make an appointment.
Normally a fairly thorough Checkup is as little as $72 and can save a lot of hassle and uncertainty, reduce your costs and improve the pleasure of your internet experience.

Also if you need a good high quality FAST external modem consider our Micronica "JUMBUCK 56K"...info is on the website at www.micronica.com.au/catalog/modems. Check out the performance comparison chart !

Best Regards