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For your interest, the record as at 24/9/99 for the longest modem connection using our Micronica "JUMBUCK 56K" (see micronica.com.au/catalog/modems) is 4 Weeks ! So it is unlikely to be a problem at our end :)

Most techo guys know why modems drop out. And have known for many years. To find some sure fire good reasons yourself as to why, down load the TrueSpeech Sound Player and then check out the following "Digital Doctor" segments at:
www.micronica.com.au/digdoctor. The following are relevant:
- Tech Talk 14/10/96. What Makes Modems Drop Out - Part 1
- Tech Talk 21/10/96. What Makes Modems Drop Out - Part 2

The above segments have HEAPS of suggestions of things to check. Without writing a book about it, the most common things to check for are:
- Call Waiting is dynamite for making calls drop out! This feature should be disabled. Contact Telstra on how to do that. Usually its #43# Disable, *43# Enable, *44 Disable for one call only. So you could put this in your dial string in windows. For example *44 96961234 if that's your ISP's telephone number. Definitely worth doing if you normally have "Call Waing" enabled !
- You may have a noisy phone line. Listen for hiss and crackles on a quiet call. Specially after rainy weather when phone lines can get flooded.
- Your modem may have Auto Fallback disabled. Contact your modem supplier.
- Set your modem to factory defaults and disable MNP and V42bis compression. Put the following in your modem "Extra Settings": &f%c0n0
- You may have a poor quality modem. Internal modems tend to be lousy and often the real cheapies have their processing done by the PC's CPU rather than a full set of its own electronics! So try a proper External Modem just to isolate a lousy quality modem.
- If you have a Mac or also IBM PC or Laptop, contact your computer dealer and ask them about a "software upgrade" to your operating system. Specially for Mac Laptops!! But also for Windows. Or ask for a "Modem Driver Update" SPECIALLY if you have an IBM PC! As one of our Mac users testifies..."I've upgraded the Mac OS, as you suggested, and so far have had not one modem dropout!". - The audio segments have many more suggestions!

Apart from that, please consider bringing in your system for a checkup or just general consultation. Call Edward on 96998844 to make an appointment.
Normally a fairly thorough Checkup is as little as $72 and can save a lot of hassle and uncertainty, reduce your costs and improve the pleasure of your internet experience.

Also if you need a good high quality FAST external modem consider our Micronica "JUMBUCK 56K"...info is on the website at www.micronica.com.au/catalog/modems. Check out the performance comparison chart !

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