* * * W e b B r o w s i n g P e r f o r m a n c e * * *

Some members have reported EXTREMELY slow web browsing and download performance.
In the order of .2KB/sec. On the other hand others have confirmed VERY GOOD 
performance. Which our own tests have confirmed. OK so the internet is slow...
but not THAT slow. For your interest our bandwidth is NOT the problem.                                          
So if you are finding SLOW performance please do the following tests yourself:

1 - Ensure your PROXY settings are correct. See the website on how to set
    that up at micronica.com.au/proxy                         
2 - Do a test download of a typical local file using Netscape, such as  
    Netscape should show a download speed of at LEAST 3KB/Sec with a
    GOOD quality 33K modem or about 2KB/sec with a lousy one.
3 - Do a download from a local internet site such as www.pixel.com.au
    which should result in a transfer rate of at least 2K/sec or better.
4 - If performance is poor then unplug ALL telephone appliances such
    as cordless phones, fax machines and YES even the white Telstra
    touchtone phones, some of which are KNOWN to cause problems, whilst
    you are doing these tests.
5 - Watch our RECEIVE data light (RX or RD) on your modem during the
    Eudora Email Download test. It should be virtually CONSTANTLY ON.
    If you don't have an external modem...who's idea was it to get an
    internal one :). Consider getting an external modem.

Apart from that, please consider bringing in your system for a checkup or
just general consultation as to why your equipment is performin poorly. Call
Edward on 96998844 to make an appointment.
Normally a fairly thorough Checkup is as little as $72 and can save a lot of 
hassle and uncertainty, reduce your costs and improve the pleasure of your 
internet experience.
Our system uses modems rated the BEST performance out of 11 Modems tested
by an independant review by Internet.au magazine. The comparison is posted
on our web site under Jumbuck Modems. So this end should be OK.
Also if you need a good high quality FAST external modem consider our Micronica "JUMBUCK 56K"...info is on the website at www.micronica.com.au/catalog/modems. Check out the performance comparison chart !

Best Regards