* * * Windows 95/98 Takes Several Seconds to Connect * * *

The default Windows configuration settings are a bit lousy. So when you dial
in to your Internet Service provider PPP can take several seconds before
your computer actually goes on line to the internet.
This is a known problem with Windows 95/98 PPP dialler. If you use Trumpet
Winsock to dial out and connect you will not experience this problem.
Here is how to fix it if you insist on using Microsoft's PPP dialler instead
of Trumpet Winsock. 
Use the following settings:

Apart from that, please consider bringing in your system for a checkup or
just general consultation as to why your equipment is performin poorly. Call
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Normally a fairly thorough Checkup is not costly and can save a lot of 
hassle and uncertainty, reduce your costs and improve the pleasure of your 
internet experience.
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Edward Jozis
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