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Video Conferencing Kits.
Camera plus Monitor or
For IBM PC and Mac


Video conferencing shortens the distance between people and makes life more convenient. For example, with video conferencing, the Sales department staff don't need to travel around the world to visit customers. But the most exciting development is using desktop video conferencing through Internet, so you will pay only the local telephone fee. Video conferencing lets you spend less money and get more benefits.

Is it expensive? Well, yes, it WAS expensive. Now intergrating the newest technologies, Micronica is providing the most efficient video streaming and conferencing kits in the world. To get a better video image you need a high performance video capture solution. Our PCI Card, USB Adapters and PCMCIA video capture products provide a high frame rate capturing quality and let you send a better image to the other side. Even with regular Broadband Internet, Ethernet or WiFi connections you can have comfortable Video Streaming, Video Surveillance or Two Way Video Conferencing too. It is no longer for business use only. It has become a consumer product for home users.

Start off with the Micronica Skypecam. A real entry level Video Conferencing solution.

  • Just $180. Affordable and effective.
  • Everything you need. Both Monitor and Camera in one handy unit.
  • Provides instant Video/Audio for immediate dialog.
  • Provides "chat box" as conversation auxiliary.

  • Most importantly, Micronica Video Conferencing has no constraint on transmission media using standard Internet IP for connectivity through whatever connection medium you chose. Micronica integrates everything and provides a total solution. Including "white board" solutions for document sharing. Productive and cost effective. Micronica Video Conferencing is the real PC level solution designed for you.

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