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Micronica stocks a HUGE range of Apple ][ bits

SPECIAL!...10 x 5.25" Floppy Disks with various Apple II Programs. Just $10 !!
* Please don't ask us to select software. Its a "Lucky Dip" :) But worth it just for the disks. FREE Storage Box included.

* Apple II Parts
* Apple II Accessories
* Apple ][ Books
* Apple ][ Chips
* Apple 2 and Apple IIe EVERYTHING !!

Apple II Product Enquiries
* Just let us know what you need. We ship Worldwide !
* Shipping Charges by Air Post:
- Books AU$10/piece
- Small Cards AU$20/piece
- Apple Motherboards AU$ CALL! We still have limited stock AU$150 !
- Apple Disk Drives AU$75/piece
- Minimum Post and Handling AU$50/order. Overseas orders AU$100.
- In every order we will include FREE one teriffic Apple Magazine. Just ASK for it! While stocks last.

Apple II Product List
* Apple II Parts, Apple ][ Accessories, Apple 2 and Apple 2e Books. The BIG product list for PC and Apple.

Just a VERY SMALL selection from the comprehensive product catalog of Apple 2 products.
Click on the Photo Gallery pictures and print them off!

6502 + Z80 64K

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