Marple Junction Day Two - To Macclesfield
Sunday - July 7th.
I woke fairly early (about 6.00 am) and got up soon after to go for a walk before breakfast. We were moored between bridge 24 and 23 on the Upper Peak Forest Canal and not far past bridge 23 was an aqueduct with an old path running under the canal. As I went along there were lots of rabbits including a baby one which was too innocent to run away until I was almost next to it. I spent some time watching a mallard with four small babies as well. There was really thick forest on either side of the canal, very dark and green and damp. I went down to the path and walked up under the canal to a narrow roadway, then along to a stile and into a field with sheep who were quite happy to lie in my way and gaze at me. There was a tall brick chimney in the field and I was quite curious to find what it was (but I didn't!)

We began to move on after breakfast. I like to sit on the roof of Swan and watch the world go by. This morning there was a grey heron wading. As we came close it would stretch up and fly a little then land again looking so elegant and graceful. Later we saw one perched in the top of a tree. Bridge 34

We got to Marple Junction quite soon and I remembered about the roving bridges and dashed to get my camera and take a picture. Although the early morning was sunny and I went walking only in my T-shirt and jeans, the weather became overcast and rainy as the day went on. In fact I was forced inside for a short time in the afternoon.

After Marple Junction we were in the Macclesfield Canal. We stopped for lunch near a marina with a shop where I bought a big postcard of the Cheshire Ring. I walked on for a bit after lunch and rejoined the boat at Bridge number 20 (having walked as far as number 22 and back). Macclesfield

We reached Macclesfield soon after 4.00 pm. We took on water and moored for the night before going off to explore the town. It seems quite an attractive place with a history of silk making. Joan was good at spotting architectural features that showed the age of the buildings and we wandered around together for quite a while looking at shopfronts (and backs) ranging from Tudor to Georgian and beyond. I left the group in the middle of town and came back by myself having had a little poke around the streets first.

After tea (turkey and leek pie) I went for a short walk to post a letter and then along the tow path ahead to the next bridge (No. 38).

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