Canal Scene Day Six - Etruria and onwards
Thursday - July 11th.

A fairly short voyage today, but it began with four locks, which was fun - and it wasn't raining. I keep looking at how things are done and trying to work out whether I could do it by myself in a smaller boat. Before we set out today I was quite entertained by a family of swans - two adults and two signets - who recognised the boat as a potential source of food. They were hovering hopefully for quite some time, nibbling at the sides of the boat when no more bread was forthcoming.

The morning's journey was pretty and varied - Jane and Terry work on Swan in the mornings and I do enjoy their company.

We reached our mooring point at about 11.30 so Sally and I set off across the fields for a walk to the local "Hall", a very pleasing Georgian mansion, viewed first across a sweep of green pasture dotted with cows.

After lunch it was suggested we visit the Wedgewood visitors' centre.

I found it fascinating to spend time looking at how things are made - I'd love to make some myself, but not the way it is done there, with every different bit done by a different person. I'd like to make the whole piece myself. Some of the pieces in the museum section are really spectacular and I was extravagent enough to treat myself to a little piece of Mason ironware - a pretty green and gold - costing nearly 10.00.

Only one more day - I feel a bit sad about that, still, I have had a beautiful time.

Day Seven