Edward's Beer Database
Name Style Appearance
Taste and Description What I like about it What I don't like about it Would I buy it again
Feral Brewing Co. - Hop Hog 330ml 5.8% Pale Ale Golden Murky Cloudy Fine foamy somewhat creamy head. Excellent strong Hop taste. Claims to be American Hops. Tastes like an IPA more than a PA. Pronounced Passionfruit and Hop aroma unmistakably and pleasantly hits you as you bring it to your mouth. Slightly Citrusy with lasting Malt backbone as the label claims. If you don't think you might like IPA try this beer as an intermediary. Real Hop taste. The fruity aroma adds to the complexity. Serious Pale Ale bitterness that you expect. Still refreshing not overly heavy Only 330ml Bottle. A bit expensive. But better than Sierra Nevada Torpedo. Definitely yes. One of my all time favourites. Tried it 1/3/16
4 Pines Brewing Co. - Kolsch, 330ml 4.6% German Style Golden Ale Golden Reminded me of Victoria Bitter. But with a lingering long mild Hop aftertaste. A logical member of the 4 Pines range of Ales. But at the bottom end of the scale in terms of fullness of flavour and bitterness. Not like an IPA but more like what you might expect in a mild ale. With a clean bitter aftertaste touch. This is not a criticism as it probably lives up to its name of delivering a German Style Golden Ale, which perhaps tend to be traditionally not as strong as current IPA options. Refreshing. Not overly heavy. Nice mild long lingering Pale Ale bitterness. Not a lot of complexity in it to provide interest. Only 330ml Bottle. So a bit expensive for a beer that really is close to something like Victoria Bitter or Carlton Draught but with a lingering Hop finish. Probably not. For the price it does not deliver great taste value. Tried it 11/11/17
Balter IPA, 375ml Can 6.8% Brewed and Canned 14 Traders Way,Currumbin,QLD IPA Golden This is a seriously nice beer. Reminded me of of a cross between Victoria Bitter and Ferel Hop Hog. With a strong Hop taste. Crisp, clean refreshing bitterness. And a touch of citrus. You can drink this one really cold. The IPA still shines through. Imagine that from a Queensland beer. Just goes to show they don't just make XXXX. This one is at the totally other end of the spectrum! Looks like QLD can make beer :) Refreshing and slightly fruity but with a proper IPA taste that you expect. No disappointment. A bit like Feral Hop Hog but crisper and even more refreshing. Not overly heavy. And it comes in 375ml Cans which is better value than other 330ml craft beers Nothing to dislike. Not a huge lot of complexity in it. But enough of a citrus touch and serious clean hop taste to satisfy. Yes, definitely. I will buy this one again. I was immediately impressed. And again the second time i tried it a week later. For the price it delivers great taste value. In a 375ml can. Tried it 12/1/18
Sail & Anchor Pale Ale 330ml 4.2% Made for Pinnacle Drinks in Freemantle WA exclusive to Dan Murphy and BWS. They do not reveal the Brewery. Pale Ale. Unfiltered Pale Brown The makers describe it as fresh and fruity with American and local Hops with Citrus and Floral aromas. I would describe it as Victoria Bitter with a kick of Pale Ale. So if you are perhaps tired of VB because it doesnt have enough Hops kick then this is a good alterntive. Yes its a bit aromatic. It also has that bit of bitterness of a Pale Ale but is also refreshing like VB. No its not quite like an IPA. But more like Sleeping Giant or Hop Hog toned down towards VB. If you don't think you might like IPA try this beer as an intermediary. Not a heavy beer. And yet not bland or weak. Real Hop taste. Nice aroma for abit of complexity. Quite refreshing on a hot day. More interesting than a VB or Draught beer. Only 330ml Bottle. Made exclusively for the two big chains so no competition and limited outlets. Yes. On a hot day when a VB just isnt enough for a Hop kick. Tried it 10/8/17
Cricketers Arms - Spearhead Pale Ale 335ml 5.2% Pale Ale Pale brown Fine foamy somewhat creamy head. No fruit taste or aroma. Striaghtforward Pale Ale taste. Not powerful IPA. Just PA. Tastes clean and fresh Pale Ale bitterness. Refreshing not heavy Not a big PA Probably not. Maybe. Depending on price. But Hawthorn, Little Creatures IPA and others seem more complex and better. Tried it 16/3/17
Australian Brewery - All-Star Session IPA 355ml 4.2% IPA Brown Full on Hoppy IPA taste. Very bitter. Uses American Hops. Full on Hoppy IPA Taste Bit too straightforward. No real complexity Probably not. Bitter but not exciting. Expensive and a bit hard to find. Sleeping Giant IPA would be better i think. Tried it 25/3/17
Ballast Point Brewing Company - Big Eye 355ml IPA Clear but fairly dark brown Super Bitter. Tastes a bit like super raw hops. Probably TOO bitter. Has some caramel nuisances but not much Big IPA taste Almost TOO bitter. A BIG beer. Expensive Probably not. Too bitter. Almost like stout. Expensive
Ballast Point Brewing Company - Pirate Life Brewing - Strong Pale Ale 355ml 6% Pale Ale Golden Nice clean bitter taste. This is the type of beer you would expect Carlton United breweries to make as a step up from Carlton Draught or Victoria Bitter if they ever wanted to move into the Boutique IPA style beer market. Its like Carlton Draught or Victoria Bitter with serious Hops. Fairly simple refreshing strong Ale taste Fresh and simple but really big Pale Ale taste A bit simple dimensioned. Not a lot of complexity. But likeable for its simplicity Maybe. The right beer when a VB just wont do but a serious IPA is a bit too heavy.
Stone & Wood - Garden Ale 330ml 3.8% Ale Medium Brown Tastes like a mild watered down Pale Ale. Not much of an Ale taste Easy to drink. Not heavy. Refreshing Watery Ale taste. Does not linger Probably not. Too light in taste. Actually tastes watery. So why bother. Tried it 15/3/17
Stone & Wood - Pacific Ale 330ml 4.4% Ale. Unfiltered Light Golden Fruity. Bit of an Ale taste. Starting to get there a bit Easy to drink. Not heavy. Refreshing. A step up from their Garden Ale Bit more of an Ale taste. Does not linger much Probably not. Too light in taste. So why bother. Tried it 16/12/17
Coors - Crisp Refreshing Lager (Brewed in Australia) 330ml 4.2% Lager Light Golden Plain Lager. Supposedly "Born in the Rockies". But Brewed in Australia. Clean plain lager. Refreshing. Not heavy. Claims to be low carb compared to other Lagers. Bit too straightforward. No real complexity. Probably not. A bit like drinking water on a hot summers day. Unexciting. May as well drink Aldi Rivet Gold,XXXX Gold or Tooheys Gold taste wise. Tried it 10/3/17
Innis & Gunn - Original - Oak Aged Beer 330ml 6.6% Ale Brown Scottish. Toffee or Caramelly a bit sweet. But like a stout. Not much bitterness Unusual, complex, interesting. Bit too sweet. Not very hoppy. No real appealing taste for me or complexity Probably not. Too sweet but not pleasantly so for my taste. Tried it 26/3/17
Barrow Boys Brewing Co. - Pedlars Pale - Melbourne 330ml 5.3% Ale Golden Good bitter Ale taste. Hoppy. Claims residual live yeast. Good Hop taste. Interesting. No complaints Yes depending on price at a bottle shop and alternatives if at a restaurant. Tried it 11/4/17
Leo - Thailand 330ml Slightly Malty and sweet. Not Hoppy. Refreshing. Boring. Weak. As cathy said, You can drink this or water No. Tried it 2/6/17
Firestone DPA Didnt like it. Boring No. Tried it 3/6/17
Firestone IPA Bitter. Hoppy Hoppy IPA taste but lacks any complexity. A bit boring No. Tried it 3/6/17
Sierra Nevada, Lager Lager Golden Not what I expected from Sierra Nevada having tasted their IPA and other beers. But it is what I would expect from a Lager. Refreshing with a bit of bite. Low on bitterness but with a bit more bite than some other lagers. Refreshing lager with a bit of bite. Expensive for a fairly ordinary tasting lager. No. Not really into Lager any more. Tried it 9/10/17
John Boston, The Guard House, Golden Ale 330ml 4.2% Ale Light Golden Cant taste any hops. Bland. No bitterness. Tastes like Lager. Watery. No aftertaste. About as much bite as a cold soda water. XXXX Gold would be preferable with more flavour and bite. Whats there to like. Tastes like water. Tastes like a non alcoholic beer you can get for half the price. Or as Cathy said "Why would I buy that when I can buy Hawthorn for the same price". No. Drink XXXX Gold instead. Tried it 13/10/17,14/11/17
Mountain Goat, Organic Steam Ale 330ml 4.5% Ale Light Golden. Cloudy Cant taste any hops. Bland. No bitterness. Tastes like Lager. Watery. No aftertaste. About as much bite as a cold soda water. XXXX Gold would be preferable with more flavour and bite. Whats there to like. Tastes like water. Tastes like a non alcoholic beer you can get for half the price No. Drink XXX Gold instead. Tried it 11/11/17