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384 East Avenue Inn and Suites - Rochester, NY, USA - November 2018
Update: Stayed there again for 14 Days stay. Still an excellent place to stay. 10/10. Very happy!
384 East Avenue Inn and Suites - Rochester, NY, USA - October 2017
Update: Stayed there again for 14 Days stay. Still an excellent place to stay. 10/10. Very happy!
384 East Avenue Inn and Suites - Rochester, NY, USA - October 2013
A most pleasant stay. Extended from 4 nights to 11.
Room Type: Suite
Pros - Well located, cost effective, free wifi internet, Suite room is good size, excellent free continental breakfast
Cons - Can be a long walk from some rooms to the lobby
Additional Comments
- Would definitely stay there again. Restaurants nearby. Check out the Jazz place at the back of "The Little Theatre" which is open most nights and is very casual and free.
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Bayview Hotel Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia - January 2008
Overall a pleasant 2 nights stay. We were satisfied with this hotel and would stay there again.
Room Type Booked: 2 x Superior Room. 1 x Twin, 1 x Double
Pros - Well located, cost effective, free wifi internet in lobby lounge, revolving restaurant on top floor, rooms are reasonable size, view across park was nice
Cons - no free wifi accessable from hotel room, no free Internet access, no bacon for breakfast, no free hotel computers to check email, hard beds
Additional Comments
- Outdoor Foodcourt is just down the road. Some nights there is music and dancing there as well as a variety of food.
- The Hotel has a top floor revolving restaurant which has a half price buffet after 9:30pm which even a repeat traveller who referred us to the hotel didnt know. The 2 ladies who provided music there were really good! We really enjoyed them. And they are happy to play requests. We couldnt fault their repetoire. We came for the food but we stayed til the end, for the music :)

Royal @ Queens also known as Hotel Royal at Queens, Queen St., Singapore - January 2008
Overall this has got to be our WORST hotel experience in the last 20 years of travel! And this is in Singapore! Normally renowned for cleanliness.
We have NEVER had to complain about a hotel to this degree.
A VERY UNPLEASEANT 5 nights stay.
Room Type Booked: 2 x Deluxe Room. 1 x Twin, 1 x Double
Pros - Well located, Rooms are reasonable size for Singapore
Cons - Smelly, Dirty, Moldy, No free internet access of any sort, hard beds. See Additional Comments below.
Additional Comments
- Don't stay there! Our WORST hotel experience in the last 20 years. And we let the hotel know our comments in the following words...
Dirty, smelly, our two rooms literally STUNK, moldy, wallpaper peeling in rooms, toilet not flushing, lies, misleading star rating, staff dont keep promises (the promised room ioniser they said would help the smell never came), leaky air conditioning leaked in wardrobe all over your clothing, unhelpful duty manager will not even consider upgrade to a clean room under ANY circumstance due to strict policy even when rooms are available, equipment in rooms dont work such as the radio, literally green mold on the windows of the alternative maybe better rooms, electrical cable on bedside lamp was joined with a screw terminal block. Is that safe and allowed in Singapore ? I don't know. One room even had green mold growing on the window! See the pictures below if you don't believe it.
And the comment from the Duty manager...basically: "Oh, so sorry but the rooms are due to be renovated soon. So the management doesnt want to spend money fixing up existing run down rooms." Cold comfort for us who had TWO very sickly smelling rooms the smell of which was still in our clothing for days after we arrived back home!
There is NO WAY our rooms complied with the promised 3+ or 4 star Singapore rating. Their rating is untrue. We believe its not even of international 3 Star rating, compared other countries such as Vietnam or Malaysia.
To this date the Royal@Queens Hotel have not contacted us in response to our comments or offered even a partial refund or discount for our accommodation despite the rooms being so delapidated.
>CLICK HERE< to see pictures of the dirty room at Hotel Royal@Queens, Singapore.

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