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MX-4 DV Digital Video Mixer

As the world renowned manufacturer of affordable, high-quality video technology products, FOCUS Enhancements introduces the next in the line of industry leading production performance devices, the MX-4 DV™ Professional Digital Video Mixer. Not only have we borrowed many of the best features from our MXProDV but we have also listened to your requests and added two additional IEEE-1394 inputs, an integral graphics store, Ethernet connectivity for computer or network use, and over 700 special effects for the ultimate price/performance device!

Make the most out of you production by seamlessly switching between all your twelve (four S-Video, four composite & four DV) video sources for the ultimate in source flexibility. With the additional of two DV inputs you now have the ability to take in multiple DV cameras feeds at your production facility for a real-time DV production that will preserve your digital image from start to finish.

FOCUS Enhancements real-time 10-bit (4:2:2) video technology and superior input comb filter circuitry guarantees that MX-4 DV will produce digital and analog images without a loss in quality.

MX-4 DV boasts enhanced synchronized audio mixing capabilities which provide on-screen slider control adjustments for volume and level meters. These enhancements, together with dual-field time base correction, raises the video and audio standard to
a whole new level.

For the ultimate in creative expression, import jpeg images to enhance your live video production. Within the four layer video effects parameters provide by the MX-4 DV you will be able to use your jpeg as an input, background or foreground image.

All MXProDV features are still here including a few new ones-over 700 eye-catching transitions, four additional inputs effects, gradients and integral graphic store capabilities to provide you the most productive and cost-effective tool today.

FOCUS Enhancements has harnessed the latest digital video, integrated circuit, and microprocessor technologies to create a complete production tool with unprecedented benefits. When you compare features, performance, and price there is no doubt the MX-4 DV Professional Digital Video Mixer is the best value on the market today!

  • Integral graphics store
  • Real-time 4-Layer Video Effects
  • S-video (Y/C), composite (RCA) inputs/outputs
  • IEEE 1394 (FireWire, i.LINK) inputs/output
  • 10-bit 4:2:2 video processing with superior input comb filter circuitry
  • Over 700 manual or automatic video transitions
  • Store two frame or field freezes in memory
  • RGB Color Correction
  • Eight Gradients
  • Built-in audio mixer with on-screen level meters
  • 4-channel or 2-channel DV digital audio support
  • Dual Monitor Mode to allow the Preview screen to stay constant
  • Store 30 favorite transitions in a user-defined menu
  • Soft edges, colored borders and shadows for transitions
  • Single and multiple picture-in-picture and movable mosaic mask
  • Learn feature memorizes a series of effects and multiple configurations
  • Preview four sources at once
  • Color generator
  • Compose function creates a collage of still and/or moving pictures
  • Dual-field time base correction (TBC)
  • Input effects such as Chroma Key, Picture Flip, Strobe, Mosaic and more
  • GPI trigger input
  • Houseblack input
  • Ethernet I/O for computer & network connectivity
  • Color bar and black burst generators
  • Two year warranty


When you compare features, performance, and price there's no doubt. we have harnessed the latest digital video, integrated circuit, and microprocessor technologies to create a complete production tool with unprecedented benefits.The MX-4 DV Digital Video Mixer is the best value for today and tomorrow.

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