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Micronica SOHOmate WiP-400 Wireless Router, Internet Sharer and Print Server
All in ONE!

This Product Supports
ADSL Modems, Cable Modems and Dialup PSTN Modems
AND has a BUILT IN Printserver

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And YES! It Works With Telstra ADSL System !!!
And YES! It works with Telstra Cable System!!!(under test)
And YES! It works with Optus Cable System !!!
And YES! It even works with Dialup PSTN System!

How do you know its GREAT ? Here are some independent WiP400 testimonials.
* Australian Personal Computer Magazine
- "indoors it never dropped below 11Mbit/s, and was accessible from a park 30m across the road, which is fairly good in our book."
- "when we connected the Micronica to a PPPoE DHCP Telstra BigPond cable account the unit worked as advertised."
- "Simply connect the printer to the unit, install some drivers on your PC, and you're printing."
- "...the Micronica unit would be perfect for use on a home LAN or small business."
- "A four-port switch and firewall/router with an added print server - this is perfect for the SOHO user who has expandability in mind."
- "Its expandability, rugged construction and versatility make it a worthy contender for your hard-earned dollars."
* Edward,
It works great. Easy to set up and the distance on the router to a machine is great also. We've got it set up from one side of the office to the next which is about 20 metres...excellent.
T.H. - Telstra.

Product: Micronica WiP-400
Micronica SOHOmate WiP-400 is a Router/Sharing device with BUILT IN Wireless Access Point for Broadband ADSL, Cable and Dial up Modems. It includes a combined 4 port 10/100 dual-speed switch hub and printer sharer and Wireless Access Point. Mercury WiP-400 has not just one but two WAN ports to support both a Broadband ADSL or Cable modem and also another WAN port to support a standard PSTN modem for locations where broadband internet access is not available. Mercury WiP-400 works with all popular Broadband service including Optus and Telstra ADSL service. This latest model has been specially designed to also work with your Telstra Cable Modem right NOW ! We have developed special firmware written for the Australian market to handle your Telstra Cable Modem and ADSL as well as your Optus Cable Modem. Without the need to run a special login client on your computer. It has been tested by Telstra and meets the tricky "heartbeat" signal negotiation requirement which other similar products can not do, making the Micronica WiP-400 Australia's first fully Telstra Cable Modem compatible Wireless Internet Sharer that actually WORKS as a "stand alone" unit with your Telstra Cable Modem. And makes it even more versatile as it allows you to use it in any location that has either ADSL or Cable Modem or even PSTN internet access. The built in 4 Port 10/100 switch hub also allows not only internet sharing but also file sharing between connected computers. Making it an excellent long term investment. The Micronica WiP-400 lets you enter your username and password and then keeps the connection alive 24x7 without needing to keep your computers on. Or set the timeout to disconnet automatically if you prefer. All up Micronica WiP-400 provides the ideal all-in-one networking solution to surf the Internet and share the office printer resources. Its efficiency boosting features will increase effectiveness and save cost in any working environment. It includes the following functions:

Useful Information and Help

  • The REALLY Quick Setup Hints Sheet
  • FAQ and other REALLY Useful Hints
  • Complete Quick Installation Manual
  • Complete User Manual
  • Download and Support

  • Firmware - Please read the FAQ Note: Only for our customers in Australia who purchased from Micronica. Otherwise $90+gst firmware fee applies. We recommend to return product to us for firmware upgrades to ensure they are done properly. Cost:$50+gst+delivery. Firmware problems caused by user upgrades are not covered by warranty and service fee $90+gst applies.
  • Software - WiP-400 Print Server for Win 9x
  • Software - WiP-400 Print Server for Win NT and Win 2000
  • Additional Ports
    Need more ports ? No problem ! Connect WiP-400 to your existing Switch/Hub or get our 16 Port Micronica SOHOmate High Speed 10/100 N-Way Switch Hub HiS-16 $338+gst=$372 inc gst or Rack Mountable version $390+gst=$429 inc gst..

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