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Micronica SOHOmate WiP-500+ Wireless Router, Internet Sharer, Print Server, Firewall, Bridge, Repeater
All in ONE!

This Product Supports
LAN to WAN Connectivity and
External ADSL Modems and Cable Modems
AND has BUILT IN USB Printserver

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And YES! It Works With Telstra ADSL System !!!
And YES! It works with Telstra Cable System!!!
And YES! It even works with Optus Cable System !!!

Product: Micronica WiP-500plus
Micronica SOHOmate WiP-500+ is a Router/Bridge/Access Point and Internet Sharing device with built in Ethernet Ports and Wireless WiFi Access Point. Suitable for Broadband ADSL and Cable Modems and short to long range wireless bridge applications from 100m up to 10km with appropriate optional external antenna. It includes a combined 4 port 10/100 dual-speed switch hub, Wireless Access Point and printer sharer for USB printers.
Micronica WiP-500+ simply plugs into your existing LAN or WAN network connection or broadband ADSL or Cable Modem. WiP-500+ works with all popular Broadband service providers including Optus and Telstra ADSL and Cable Modem services. We have developed special firmware specifically for the Australian market to handle your Telstra Cable Modem and ADSL as well as your Optus Cable Modem. Without the need to run a special login client on your computer. It meets the tricky "heartbeat" signal negotiation requirement which other similar products can not properly do.
The built in 4 Port 10/100 switch hub also allows not only internet sharing but also file sharing between connected computers. Making it an excellent long term investment. The Micronica WiP-500+ lets you enter your username and password and then keeps the connection alive 24x7 without needing to keep your computers on. Or set the timeout to disconnet automatically if you prefer.
WiP-500+ can be configured in various ways to act as a Wireless Internet Sharer, Router, Bridge, Repeater, Printserver or Firewall to bridge two existing wired networks or extend the range of an existing WiFi Network. So now one product can be configured in various ways depending on your application. Including long distance wireless bridge with an external antenna allowing a range of several km between locations.
Security features and functionality is outstanding. The security options cover just about every measure available and include all the latest encryption and security features anyone could ask for. And provision to either turn wireless SSID off or even turn off the wireless completely to allow reversion to totally secure non wireless operation and thereby enhance security in situations where wireless is not required or permitted.
All up Micronica WiP-500+ provides the ideal all-in-one networking solution to facilitate most flexible network connectivity and share office printer resources. Its efficiency boosting features will increase effectiveness and save cost in any working environment. It includes the following functions:

Port Characteristics
WAN port1 x RJ45, 10/100 Mbps with Auto-MDI/MDIX
LAN Ports4 Ports Fast Ethernet switch. 10/100Mbps MDI/MDIX auto-sensing
Wireless portBuilt in. Removable Antenna.
Printer Ports1 x USB Printer Port
Supported WAN Types
Supported WAN Types - Static IP Address
- Dynamic IP Address (DHCP Client)
- PPP over Ethernet
- Telstra Cable Modem Support
- Telstra ADSL Modem Support
IP Sharer/NAT Router LAN Ethernet Interface
LAN IP AddressStatic or Dynamic
NAT Functionality - One-to-Many NAT
- One-to-One NAT
- Virtual Server
- Special Application
- DMZ Host
Wireless StandardIEEE 802.11b, 802.11g
Data Rate6/12/18/24/36/48/54Mbps in 802.11g mode, 1/2/5.5/11Mbps in 802.11b mode. Auto Fallback Function
Operating Frequency and ChannelsAmerica/FCC:2.412~2.462GHz (11 Channels)
Japan/TELEC:2.412~2.484GHz (14 Channels)
Europe/ETSI:2.412~2.472GHz (13 Channels)
Wireless RoamingSeamless roaming within the 802.11b&g WLAN infrastructure
Wireless Security Features- Various Encryption Systems up to 256 Bit Encryption
- Wireless function can be disabled for higher security when not required
- SSID Broadcast Enable/Disable option for higher security or convenience
- UPnP Enable/Disable option for higher security
- WEP (IEEE 64,128,256 Bit)
- 802.1X (64,128 Bit, RADIUS)
- WDS, Wireless bridging options, Remote MAC List
- MAC Address Control
. - MAC to IP Address List Definition
. - Connection Control List for Wireless and Wired clients
. - Association Control List for Wireless clients
. - DHCP Clients selection
Range Coverage100-300m outdoors, 35-100m indoors
VPN Functions
VPN Security Options - L2TP
- IPSec
- Initiator and responder of IPSec
- Pass Through of PPTP, L2TP, IPSec
- VPN and NetBIOS Broadcasts options
- Maximum number of tunnels restriction
- IKE and Manual Tunnel Definitons
- Dynamic VPN Option
- ESP or AH Encapsulation protocols
- 3DES or DES Encryption Algorithms
- SHA1 or MD5 Authentication Keys
Additional Security Features
Management Security Options - Remote Administrator Host and Port Number restriction
- SNMP V1 and V2c. With Enable/Disable option
.- Local only, Remote only, IP Address List, Public and Private Community
- Static and Dynamic RIPv1, RIPv2 routing selectable
- MAC-level Access Control
- Weekday Schedule Rule definitions
- Packet Filter Rules for Source and Destination
.- Inbound/Outbound IP Filter
- Domain Filter Rules and Priviledge IP Address Range Definition
.- Drop and Log options
.- Domain Access Control
- URL Blocking List
- SPI Mode (Stateful Packet Inspection)
- DoS Attack Detection Feature
Event Logging - On-web logging
- Syslog supported
- Email Alert
Print Server
Platform supportWin95/98/NT/2000/XP, Unix, LPR (RFC 1179)
Configuration and Management
Web-based configuringYES
Web-based managementYES
Additional Features
UPnP SupportYES
DHCP serverYES
Print ServerYES USB
Built in Setup WizardYES
Upgrade methodWeb Browser, Floppy Disk, Hard Disk or Windows Application
Firewall protectionBuilt-in NAT firewall using stateful packet inspection technology
Supported PlatformWindows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Unix, LPR, Apple MacOS
DimensionsChassis 150mmW x 28mmH x 110mmD
Power Requirements
Operating Voltage5 Volts DC, 2 Amps

Useful Information and Help
  • The REALLY Quick Setup Hints Sheet
  • FAQ and other REALLY Useful Hints
  • Complete User Manual (2.1 MBytes)

  • Download and Support
  • Firmware 1.97g4c current or R1.97f1-Test No NAT Routing Optional) - Please read the FAQ
    Note: Only for our customers in Australia who purchased from Micronica. Otherwise $90+gst firmware fee applies. We recommend to return product to us for firmware upgrades to ensure they are done properly. Cost:$50+gst+delivery. Firmware problems caused by user upgrades are not covered by warranty and service fee $90+gst applies.
  • Additional Ports
    Need more ports ? No problem ! Connect WiP-500plus to your existing Switch/Hub or get our 16 Port Micronica SOHOmate High Speed 10/100 N-Way Switch Hub HiS-16 $195 inc gst or Rack Mountable version $295 inc gst..

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