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Video Grabbers and Non Linear Video Editing Systems

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Delivery: $10+gst Melbourne Metro, $17-22+gst Australiawide, AU$30 NZ, AU$50 Worldwide
Hi Def Video Capture and Video Editing...New Models...!! IN STOCK Now !!!...SZ1350 Digital Media Hub !!!...SZ1420 Digital Notice Board updatable over the Web !...SN2332 VideoCreator 320 USB...!!! In Stock NOW !!!...
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SN1535 Complete Retail Set Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, Adobe After Effects 6.5, Aspect HD for Real Time HD Video Editing for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Video Collection 2.5, Adobe Video Collection Standard 2.5, Adobe Video Workshop, Adobe Audition 1.5,Adobe Encore DVD 1.5,Set includes Snazzi SN1535 Firewire card and Complete Set of Printed Manuals.
WAS over $1000, NOW $495.00 !!

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>Tech Specs<

>Premiere Elements 3 Benefits<

Snazzi* AV.DV Pro (Adobe Premiere CS3 Timeline Out Plugin) *IN STOCK!*
* INCLUDES Adobe Premiere Elements 3, WinDVD Creator and MUCH more! >Premiere Elements 3 Benefits<
* Render-free Realtime Timeline Output to DV Out.
* Use your own VGA card TV Out Connection for Timeline Out to TV
* High Quality Real-Time DVD and VCD Encoding from AV/DV Sources.
* Captured DV Type 2 files are compatible with professional software like Edius, Liquid, Premier Pro
* Automatic splitting of files while capturing based on size or time limit
* Easy and Advanced Video Editing with Keyframe and Customised Effects
* Full feature audio editing with visual beat matching
* Automatic DVD Creation with scene indexes
* INPUT DV, Composite, SVideo, Audio
* OUTPUT Firewire to DV Camcorder
* Professional Breakout Box! To connect video devices easily.
* Hardware supports CS3 Real Time Output Plugins!
* INCLUDES Real Time Renderfree CS3 Plug-in
$240 $264

>Tech Specs<

Snazzi* DV.AVIO NLE Pro (Adobe Premiere Pro and CS3 PLUG-INS) *IN STOCK!*
* INCLUDES Adobe Premiere Elements 3 and MUCH more!
* Very high quality. Turns your computer into a state of the art movie making machine.
* Create your own movies with special effects like voice-overs, transition screens, scrolling titles and music.
* Produce DVD discs for business or to share with family and friends
* Encode from Analog Audio+Video & Digital Video DV into DV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV and DivX
* Create full range of DVD SVCD VCD MPEG-4 and DivX CD
* INPUT Composite, SVideo, Firewire from DV Camera or Analog Camera or Video Sources
* OUTPUT Composite, SVideo, Firewire to DV Camcorder, VCR, TV, Plasma, Projector
* Ideal for demanding Pro users seeking a professional product who have Adobe Premiere Pro Software already or plan to use it later
* Hardware supports Real Time Output Plugins!
* Same PCI card as SN1615, SN1620 and SN1602
* Cool New Panel Mounted Breakout Box Included! Same as MUCH more expensive systems. Firewire In/Out, Composite Analog Video In/Out, S-Video In/Out, Analog Audio In/Out.
* INCLUDES Adobe Premiere Pro and CS3 Plug-ins: MPEG Capture, DV Capture, Real-Time Timeline-Out to TV !
$336 $369

>Tech Specs<

* Encode from AV & DV into DV-AVI, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV and DivX
* Create full range of DVD SVCD VCD MPEG-4 and DivX CD
* Create frame accurate video and stunning Titling and Effects for Trade applications
* Output through DV and AV to DV Camcorder, VCR, TV, Plasma and Projector
* Includes Breakout Box! Firewire In/Out, Composite Analog Video In/Out, S-Video In/Out, Analog Audio In/Out.
* Similar PCI card and Breakout Box as SN1602, SN1615 and SN1620. But does not have firmware to support Adobe real time plugin.

$319 $350

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>Complete Details<
Snazzi* Video Creator 320 USB (MPEG 1/2/4/DivX)
* Our MOST popular item! Fantastic Video Capture
* Real Time Recording. Support MPEG-1,MPEG-2,MPEG-4(Xvid format),WMV Format.
* Capture Full Screen 720x576 Resolution. Full D-1 !
* Capture 352x576 Resolution. Half D-1
* Capture 352x288 Resolution. SIF
* De-Interlace new technology. Makes the best quality for fast-motion video
* Supports Stereo Audio. Enjoy your high quality enterntainment.
* External USB2 Capture Device. No need to even open your PC!
* Ideal to capture from VCR, Camcorder or TV to make DVD
* Composite Video, S-Video and Stereo Audio Inputs.
* Handles both Audio and Video inputs. So no Audio Sync problems!
* Accepts both PAL and NTSC video formats
* Studio Quality Hardware for DVD SVCD VCD and MPEG-4/DivX Authoring
* Create high quality video for Streaming, Mobile Phone and PDA
* Adobe premiere Elements 8 Software included! Allows Powerful Editing of videos with Titles, Music and Effects with professional timeline video editing
* No Power Supply required. Hi-Speed USB2.0. Easy Plug & Play installation
* Drivers for Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista.
$180 $198

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Snazzi* DV.Bridge II
* Stand-alone unit. Works with Mac and PC !
* Convert S-Video or Composite Video to DV
* Convert DV to Composite Video or S-Video
* Captures in Real Time. With stereo audio.
* Premium Commercial DV hardware codec guarantees superior quality
* Realtime Bi-directional AV to DV and DV to AV conversion
* Ideal companion for video editors who want high quality AV to DV conversion
* INCLUDES Adobe Premiere Elements video editor software!!
* Front Panel Buttons for Volume, Color, Brightness and Contrast
* Supports variety of video sources ie. DV, DV-CAM, i-Link, S-VHS, VHS, Hi-8, Video-8
* Preview your edits in realtime on TV from the timeline
* Compatible with wide range of iMAC and PC NLE software (eg. Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Media Studio Pro, Movie Maker etc)
* Slim and compact for mobility
* Suitable for PC and Apple Video Capture and also Apple Mac Video Conferencing
* DV Bridge worked well for injection video conferencing equipment into Apple Mac for Ichat.-James (Customer Testimonial)
$349 $384

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Snazzi* V DVD Pro PCI - Elite Edition
* Inputs: YUV Component Video, Composite Video, S-Video and Stereo Audio inputs
* Studio Quality Real-time Hardware Encoding in MPEG-1 and MPEG-2
* Supports MPEG-1 VCD and MPEG-2 DVD (MP@ML) Full D1 and I-frame up to 15 mbps with CBR/VBR compression to meet professional and Non Linear Editing need with guaranteed A/V sync
* Advanced 5-line adaptive COMB filter and Anti-Alias filter for video enhancement
* Captures DV-AVI, DivX, Xvid, WMV and newly emerging video formats
* WHQL compliant, 10 bit ADC
* PAL/NTSC/SECAM and VBR/CBR with Programmable GOP
* Complete solution. Capture, edit, author and final disk burn VCD and DVD for professional DVD production.
* Recording Gallery, Scheduled Recording and Pre-Defined File Size Recording
* 5th generation MPEG Hardware Encoder
$297 $326

>Tech Specs<

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Snazzi* V DV+DVDIO (EVO Edition) (With TV-Out Playback) - *IN STOCK!*
Fantastic Complete Setup!

* Fantastic COMPLETE Video Production Setup!!
* Hardware Encoder. Superior Quality MPEG-1/2 VCD/DVD and analog AV to DV-AVI Conversion for Non Linear Editing
* Hardware MPEG Decoder for cinema quality TV-Out Playback & VCR Recording
* Capture Composite or S-Video to MPEG or DV AVI file formats.
* Capture Firewire DV to DV AVI file format.
* I-Frame MPEG Encoding for Professional Non Linear Editing with guaranteed A/V Sync in long recordings
* Advanced Pre-Filters for video enhancement and high quality still image capture
* Up to 15 Mbps MP@ML Quality
* Daily, Weekly, Multiple Scheduled Recording
* Pause/Resume function for selective segment recordings
* Supports CBR/VBR recording and NTSC/PAL Standards
$487 $535
Snazzi* High Definition HDV Premiere Pro Series...Includes COMPLETE FULL SET Adobe Premiere Pro 2 Bundle!! (Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, Adobe Encore DVD 1.5, Adobe Audition 1.5, Adobe After Effects 6.5. Aspect HD for Adobe Premiere Pro for HD Video Editing) at an UNBELIEVABLE price!    

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Snazzi* HDV Video Collection. Including Adobe Premiere Pro - Complete Retail Set. PLUS High Definition Aspect HD Software for Adobe Premiere Pro - High Definition Video - Crystal Studio Edition *IN STOCK!*
- INCLUDES Firewire PCI Card and Aspect HD High Definition Video Editing Software
- INCLUDES Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Software Suite - Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore DVD, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects, Aspect HD

* HDV.Video Collection combines the best of the SD and HD formats as a complete post production solution for the professional videographers – elevating video production to a whole new level where editors have powerful editing applications that works with virtually any format, from AV, DV to HDV.
* Real-Time integrated tools that works together to allow you to capture High Definition videos, edit multiple HDV streams, create next-generation motion graphics and visual effects, mix audios, author professional videos and much more – all in real-time without the need for the rendering process.
* Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
* Adobe After Effects 6.5
* Aspect HD for Real Time HD Video Editing for Adobe Premiere Pro
* Adobe Video Collection 2.5
* Adobe Video Collection Standard 2.5
* Adobe Video Workshop
* Adobe Audition 1.5
* Adobe Encore DVD 1.5
* Set includes Snazzi SN1535 Firewire card
* Complete Set of Printed Manuals and Disks
* HDV.Video Collection Crystal Studio Edition delivers the complete HD post production solution to capture, edit, produce and finalise with full resolution playback preview of your High Definition output. Comes bundled with CineForm’s Aspect HD which literally triples the timeline editing performance of Adobe HDV to offer multiple HDV streams on the Premiere Pro timeline. Designed as a premium choice for HD editors across the board, Crystal Studio edition empowers the HD Post Production specialist to play their finished HD productions right from their desktop using a HD Media Player to HD resolution LCD, Plasma or Projector via Ethernet connection. Only Snazzi* HDV.Video collection ensures that your videos remain crystal clear and razor-sharp from editing to playback on TV...All you need to produce your professional SD or HD movie in a box
* Complete PROFESSIONAL System. The lot!
* The HIGHEST LEVEL HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO Snazzi System! Without compromise!
WAS over $1000, NOW $495.00 !!
$ 450
$ 495

[Tech Specs]
SnaZio* TvPVR (USB2 Edition)
* USB DVD Quality Hardware TV Recording
* Watch and record TV Programs in MPEG-1/2/4
* Time-shift function
* USB Video and Audio. No seperate audio connection required
$193 $213

[Tech Specs]
SnaZio* Pocket PVR USB
* Smallest USB Personal TV Recorder
* Watch and record TV Programs in MPEG-1/2/4
* Time-shift function
* USB Video and Audio. No seperate audio connection required
$201 $221

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