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Infrared remote
control included!

  • “World Ready” NTSC and PAL • Support up to 1600 x 1280 152Hz
  • 2x zoom with pan control • TrueScale™ image compression • Flicker-free
  • Kensington® MicroSaver Lock Port

The new TView Gold utilizes the latest and greatest from FOCUS Enhancements. This incredible technology encompasses the essence of PC-to-TV convergence. With FOCUS’ exciting new Digital Video Processing technology, you’ll get unsurpassed picture quality and clarity every time. The Gold supports resolutions up to 1600x1280 at millions of colors on both Windows™ and MacOS™ platforms. It includes a remote control which allows for 2x zoom with pan control, as well as TrueScale™ image compression for accurate image display.

The TView Gold also comes with a Kensington® MicroSaver Lock Port, to deter theft wherever you go. It includes our exclusive UniViewer™ cable, which has enhanced monitor pass-through circuitry to produce a clearer image on your computer monitor than any other video conversion device. Bright indicator lights are included on the TView Gold so you can quickly note the current status of the unit. As always with FOCUS Enhancements products, the TView Gold is flicker-free, and is truly “plug-and-play.”

TView Gold

Presentation F/X Software and Electronic Marker Software included.


640 X 480

800 X 600

1024 X 768




System Requirements
Macintosh with monitor port, PC with VGA output

Monitor and Resolution Support
Apple RGB monitors,Apple multiple scan monitors, All VGA monitors.
Supports up to 1600 x1280

Macintosh RGB, VGA DB-15

NTSC/PAL, SECAM (with SCART capability), Composite RCA, S-Video, Apple RGB, VGA, SCART



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