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Computer Services
Programming and Software Development

Labour Rates and Services Overview

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Advice from qualified people from as little as $ 70 / hour.

Support for: Windows 8,7,XP,NT,2000,98,95,ME,3.11,3.1, DOS, Linux, Unix, Apple, Cisco, All brands of Computers.
Who are you going to call when it does'nt work and you need some help ?
If anyone can solve it, Micronica probably can ! With and untarnished success rate of 100%, check out our reputation and business profile.

Micronica has been operating under the same name for over 30 years proving service and equipment. During that time we've acquired the breadth of knowledge and experience you want and seem so many computer companies come and go. CLICK HERE to remind yourself of just some of "the big ones" that have gone!
All members in our Micronica service group are experienced and have REAL Recognised Tertiary Qualifications. Not just "been in the industry". Plus more.
We can service your whole Network, Configure and make your Email work, Install or Remove Software, Install Virus protection, Detect Viruses, Write Viruses (if we wanted to :), Remove Viruses, Install, Check and and Detect Spyware, Remove Spyware, Advise on Network Security and Wireless Networking, Java Program Design, Java Programming, C++ Programming, Packet tracing and Analysis, Hacker Tracing, Provide training, Cloud Integration, Cloud Application Design and Development, Tutoring and Advice.

We will explain and show you how you should keep your computer system up to date and clean from viruses and spyware yourself, to save cost. We will also discuss, consult and advse you on your next Software Development Project inlcuding Cloud Applications and provide a professional Statement of Work specification with exactly what we will do for you and fixed prices for each milestone stage of development. And more.

And if it's genuinely urgent we will always do our best to attend to your problem urgently and provide Same Day Service. Either on site at your premises or in our service and Computer Test Lab.
Note: All rates plus GST.

General Consultation and Service Work: $70/hour

General Consultation by Email or Phone: $70/hour

Mid Range Technical Service Work and Software Development. Level 2: $90/hour

Specialist Technical Services Work and Software Development. Level 3: $120/hour

Specialist Highly Technical Services Work: $150+/hour

Corporate Consulting: $250+/hour

On Site Service Field Visits:


Linux Support
Low Cost Web Design Work:

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