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CLICK HERE for the Application Form to get Email Blocked or Unblocked.
Or phone us 03-96998844 or simply email us with any Spam questions

CLICK HERE for the Spam Blocking List to see what sources are blocked.
You can also Phone or Email us !

CLICK HERE for info on the Spam Problem. And reasons for our Blocking Policy.

We don't take blocking of Spam sources lightly! It makes huge and costly work for us and causes us much grief! You may wish to read more about our policies and the reasons.
If an Email source has been blocked then it has been blocked for a reason. That's for sure. For example an ISP or Company staff may have a history of repeatedly spamming our members. Or they may have unknowingly or intentionally sent numerous Virus emails to our members. Or their computer may have been knowingly or unknowingly been used as an Open Mail Relay by Spammers. But certainly it has happened from their source more than once. Low incident spam sources may get a detailed courtesy reply in the rejection message. Very persistant spam sources will certainly just get a plain rejection.

If you are a Micronica Member we suggest the following process:
Get the sender to read their rejected email carefully. It may show the reason for rejection if they are not a persistant Spam source.
You can check the BLOCKING LIST database. You can use your Internet Browser EDIT|FIND search function to search if a particular domain or IP address is blocked
Since you are a Micronica Member you can either get only the sender's individual email address details unblocked without bothering the sender or you can even get your own email address unprotected against spam and opened up completely to ALL email so that Spam blocking will be disabled for you. Simply complete and Email or Post us the APPLICATION FORM or just phone us T:+61-3-96998844 (03-96998844) to get it unblocked quickly and easily.
Please note that if we find any sender sending Spam or Viruses to our members, even if they have unknowingly contracted a Spam or email virus causing Spam or Virus emails to our members then they will be blocked again! Our priority is to protect our service and all our members email accounts from email abuse. Not to make life hard for members.

As always if you need further help or information Phone or Email us to get you unblocked ASAP.

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