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Wolfgang Borutta

After extensive travel throughout Europe and Africa, living in Spain and the Netherlands.
In the mid 70's Wolfgang made his way  down under to Australia. As a trained and practicing
Art teacher, Painter, Printmaker, Gold & Silversmith, he has made the Australian landscape
and it's people the inspiration of his art.
Over the years Wolfgang has gained numerous prizes and awards for his Art of Prints,
Metal Objects and Paintings in Australia and overseas. His work is held in private collections
in Australia, Europe, Japan and the USA.
The special interests he has in Science, Physics, Astronomy and Philosophy make his recent
Artwork the more intriguing. The painting demonstrates a dynamic quality of composition,
colours and tones. These works at their best, are refined and almost mystical.
His large Photo Realistic paintings are impressive reminders that not all paintings
executed in this style need be dead documentation.
Wolfgang Borutta
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