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How do you know its GREAT ? Here are some typical independent testimonials.
* It's just AMAZING The picture is GREAT! In fact it's actually absolutely perfect. Unblievable! Totally impressed.
Rainer V.
* Herald Sun, Connect review.
- easy to hook up and get going...with no need for drivers
- The auto-scan search for TV stations was quick and efficient, while the reception proved better than the T...(other big name product)
- This is also a sleek-looking unit
- A solidly built remote control reigns over functions such as volume, channel selection and switching between sources such as PC and TV.
- The on-screen menu was straightforward and easy to navigate, while the ability to adjust areas such as treble and bass, picture hue and to choose from multiple resolution modes, add a fair degree of quality control.
- Comes with connections for video, audio and S-Video inputs and can be used to hook up devices including camcorders, VCRs and game consoles.
* FYI...I have been able to successfully connect the ATV3000 to the Sony LCD screen with input from my computer incuding DVD and a VHS machine as well as receiving the TV signal.
John T.

ATV-3000 External TV Box and Video to VGA Converter is the first low cost Video to VGA and XGA converter that's versatile and easy to operate. ATV-3000 connects simply and easily between your PC and your Monitor. Just a one-touch key press is all that's required to switch the monitor over so you can watch not only TV on your CRT or LCD monitor but also Video from external Composite Video, S-Video and Component Video (YCbCr) sources, such as VCR, Laser Disk, Video Camcorder, DVD, TV Games such as XBox, Sony PS/2 Playstation or Satellite Receiver or virtually any other video source for display on your computer monitor. LCD, CRT, Plasma and Large Screen Projectors are also supported and will work beautifully making it a great long term investment. ATV-3000 turns any Computer Monitor into a true multimedia center by merging your computer with a wide variety of external video and audio devices. And it even works without a computer! Yes, you can just use it simply with your LCD or CRT monitor "standalone" if you like! A great way of turning your LCD or CRT monitor into a TV. And the picture enhancement technology ensures a picture even better than a normal TV. Because unlike similar products that convert video only to 640x480 VGA, the ATV-3000 actually allows output resolution selection of standard 640x480 VGA, 800x600 SVGA, 1024x768 XGA and right up to 1280x1024 resolution. This allows TV, Composite, Component and S-Video signals to be viewed in the highest possible resolution on your computer monitor. ATV-3000 built in TV Tuner also allows you to watch Broadcast TV Stations or Cable TV on the computer monitor.
The ATV-3000 with advanced scaling technology provides 3:2 pull down correction that eliminates jitter from DVD movies that originated from motion picture films. Motion and adaptive de-interlacing also improves the clarity and sharpness of the overall image producing sharp, clear, saturated images.
The PIP Picture In Picture function is a powerful feature implemented completely in hardware. It allows users the capability to have an adjustable size square on the screen showing the action on TV, S-Video, Composite or Component input whilst using the computer as usual. The size and position of the PIP is adjustable. At the press of a button the display changes to full screen mode. So you can see the full screen video action.
All up ATV3000 offers a very high quality TV and Sound System to provide you with the ultimate multimedia experience.
Rear Panel and Side Panel (Component Video YCbCr) Connections
Instantly view the TV or other video sources on your PC Monitor.
Digitize/Double scan on TV video scan line for improved picture quality.
Supports LCD Monitors, traditional CRT Monitors, Large Screen Projectors and Plasma TV with VGA connection.
Output Resolutions Selectable: VGA 640x480, SVGA 800x600, XGA 1024x768, SXGA 1280x1024
Easy to install and Easy to use . No compatibility issue, No Windows or other OS (Operating System) problems or Hardware Performance limitations.
Compatible with standard VGA cards. Feature connector not required.
Full-screen & True color TV/Video display. Full Screen 1280x1024 TV in 24 Bit Colour
Infrared remote control.
One-touch key to switch between TV and PC.
Full-channels TV tuner with fine tuning, including broadcast and cable TV
Support channel auto scan and memory function.
Saturation/Contrast/Hue/Brightness adjustment.
Composite Video, S-Video and Component Video (YCbCr) inputs for VCR, LD, Video Camcorder or TV Games.
Powerful PIP (Picture in Picture) function. Use your computer as usual while monitoring the video input.
TV Tuner compatible with Australian PAL. Video input automatically works with both PAL and NTSC !
External Box - Nothing goes inside the PC - Really Easy to install.
Can also be used "stand alone" without a PC using just an LCD or CRT Monitor!
Supports sound card audio pass through function.
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