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NetCam SC...Now Available !

- LIVE DEMO of some NetCam Australian and NZ Antarctica Sites (NEW!)
- LIVE DEMO of some NetCam Worldwide Sites
- LIVE DEMO of NetCam SC High Speed H.264 Video Worldwide Sites (No Extra Plugins Required!)
- Picture Samples of some NetCam XL Worldwide Shots
- Picture Samples of some NetCam Worldwide Shots


Remote Control Switch feature ->
NetCam !! Available NOW $799.00 +gst !
* Includes power supply to suit Australia
- Self contained Digital Internet Camera AND Server ! The PC is INSIDE !
- Connects to LAN, Ethernet, Modem, Wireless, Cable, DSL....
- NetCam FAQ

How good is NetCam ? Heres a typical testimonial!:
Hi Robert just a quick e-mail to let you know after almost 5 years of flawless service the Netcam at North Bondi RSL club was decommissioned on Friday. It's been a fantastic product and performed brilliantly in a harsh environment of sea spray and pointing into fierce sun for up to 2 hours each day.
Regards, Mick Robinson

NetCam provides a low-cost "PC free" webcam solution. NetCam has a built-in IP address & web server and can be connected directly to a network or modem Internet connection. Netcam's IP address can be set permanently or via DHCP. It can even call the ISP and send pictures automatically. Only a web browser is required to view the live images, and the sharpness and colour quality is unmatched!
NetCam is a natural fit for DSL or cable modem subscribers as well as dial up PSTN users who wish to add the ability to view their home, office or Building Site over the Internet. Additionally, NetCam can easily be placed in a remote outdoor location such as a beach or farm location and connect directly to a modem or wireless connection. Some common remote uses of NetCam include construction site monitoring, tourism web sites and weather/traffic cameras.

How do you know its GREAT ? Here are some typical independent testimonials.
* The NetCams are so reliable! One of our clients has 3 NetCams working just over 6 years now without problems. And picture quality is stunning. Chris C.
* Received and configured already. Just what I wanted. Adris R.

NetCam Brochure
Click on them and print them off.

NetCam SC Multi-Mega Pixel Hybrid IP Camera. With Night Vision !
Full featured Multi-Megapixel IP Video doesn't have to be expensive and it doesn't have to be an IP-only solution.
StarDot's new NetCam SC gives you the best of both worlds in a compact and easy to configure package.
All the amazing features of the high quality NetCam MP and NetCam XL. With the added feature of Night Vision built in.
* Up to a whopping 5 megapixel image sensor
* Run any resolution including HD (1080P & 720P), portrait and widescreen modes.
* Uses StarDot's special integrated downsampling and intelligent video processing.
* Simultaneous IP Streaming AND Composite Video Output. View the video output on any standard video monitor. Handy for setting up.
* DC Auto Iris Support. Allows you to use the widest range of lenses available
* Day/Night IR Filter option. Mechanical filter allows the camera to go into IR mode at night. Add an IR illuminator and now you clearly read license plates at night, even with the headlights aiming into the camera. View the LICENSE PLATE CAPTURE VIDEO.
* Integrated Video Motion Detection
* Power over Etthernet (PoE) or 12VDC
* Built-in Webserver,FTP Client,Email
CALL us for full information. Available NOW!
Brochure Download
User Manual Download
NetCam SC 1.3 MP with 4mm Lens $1082.00 +gst
NetCam SC 1.3 MP Bundle with 4.5-10mm Lens, 50ft Cable, 12 Volt PSU $1382.00 +gst
NetCam SC 5MP (Camera+lens only) $ 1455.31 +gst
NetCam SC 5MP (Power+Cable Bundle) $ 1642.81 +gst
NetCam SC H.264 IR Camera !
NetCam SC H.264 3 MP IR Camera with 4mm Lens $1570.00 +gst
NetCam SC H.264 3 MP Bundle with 4.5-10mm Lens, 50ft Cable, 12 Volt PSU $1732.00 +gst
CAB-100P 100ft Network/Power Cable and 12 Volt Power Supply $ 193.00 +gst

NetCam MP Mega Pixel Camera
"If Mercedes-Benz were going to build a network camera, this would be it" - epinions.com
NetCam MP (Complete Bundle) $1080.00 +gst
With images up to 1280x960 in resolution, the new NetCam™ MP is the highest quality network camera on the market.
Using a 1.3 megapixel Sony CCD sensor, the NetCam™ MP is the perfect tool for web attraction, weather monitoring or high definition security.

* NetCam MP FAQ

NetCam XL High Definition Camera
High Definition Camera + Streaming Web Server with Streaming Video Speeds and Movement Detection
>NetCam XL Demo Sample Pictures<
>NetCam XL Product Brochure<
>NetCam XL FAQ<
NetCam XL High Definition Camera is available NOW!
NetCam XLModel ExportInc GST
CAM-XL-01NetCam XL Sharp 1/3" CCD,640x480,30fpsNLA$ 987.00$1085.70
CAM-XLMP-01NetCam XL 1.3MP Sony 1/2" CCD,1344x1024,5fpsNLA$1268.00$1394.80
CAM-XL3MP-01NetCam XL 3MP Micron 1/2" CMOS,2048x1536,225fpsNew!$1455.00$1600.50

Lenses 1/2" for NetCam MP, NetCam XL MP and NetCam XL 3MP
This is not the complete range. Please call for any special requirements.

Part #DescriptionExportInc GST
LEN-3.5MMCSExtra Wide,Mono-Focal Lens,3.5mm,1/2.5",f1.8,Fixed Iris,Day & Night,HFOV:96°,CS$ 127.00$ 139.70
LEN-3.6MMCSWide Angle Mono-Focal Lens,3.6mm,Fixed Iris,Day & Night,CS-Mount$ 163.21$ 179.53
LEN-6.2MMCSMono-Focal Lens,6.2mm,1/2.5",f1.8,Fixed Iris,Day & Night,HFOV:47°,CS-Mount$ 127.00$ 139.70
LEN-8MMCSStandard Mono-Focal,8.0mm,1/1.8",f1.8,Fixed Iris,Day & Night,HFOV:51°,CS-Mount$ 119.46$ 131.40
LEN-MV410CSVari-Focal Lens, 4-10mm, 1/2", f1.8, Manual Iris, HFOV: 94.8° - 37.3°, CS-Mount$ 236.13$ 259.74
LEN-MV4510CSVari-Focal Lens,4.5-10mm,1/2",f1.6,Manual Iris,Day & Night,HFOV:80.5° - 37°,CS-Mount$ 309.04$ 339.95
LEN-MV48AIVarifocal Lens,4-8mm,Auto Iris,1/2"$ 411.13$ 452.24
LEN-MV4512AIVarifocal Lens,4.5-12mm,Austo Iris,1/2"$ 338.21$ 372.03
LEN-M848MNManual Zoom Lens,8-48mm 1/2"$ 527.79$ 580.57
LEN-M848Motorised Zoom Lens,8-48mm,1/2"$ 827.44$ 910.18

  • The same NetCam lenses are used for indoor and outdoor use. Close the aperture to pinhole size for outdoor use to avoid CCD damage from strong sunlight and ensure long term image quality.

  • LEN-V550CS 5-50mm when used with NetCam MP will cause shadowing in image corners in the extreme wide angle range because of the larger CCD used in NetCam MP.

  • Outdoor Enclosures
    Part #DescriptionExportInc GST
    ENC-OUTMicronica Outdoor Enclosure and Bracket$ 192.00$ 211.20
    ENC-OUTHBHeater and Fan Blower for Micronica Outdoor Enclosure$ 60.00$ 66.00
    ENC-OUTPS24 Volt Power Supply for Heater and Fan Blower$ 51.00$ 56.10
    ENC-OUTDHeavy Duty Outdoor Enclosure and Bracket$ 464.70$ 511.17
    ENC-OUTD2Light Duty Outdoor Enclosure and Bracket$ 263.21$ 289.54
  • The Heater and Fan Blower Unit specs for the Micronica enclosure: Heater:15 DegC ON, 25 DegC OFF, Blower:40 DegC ON, 30 DegC OFF
  • The differences between the light duty and heavy duty enclosures are ease of installation and sturdiness of the mount and resiliance. Both enclosures protect the camera from the elements. Actual design and specification of each enclosure are subject to change from time to time.
  • When choosing and outdoor enclosure also make sure you choose an outdoor lens. Otherwise the image quality may suffer in the short and long term.

  • Express 6 Video Server

    Express 6!! Available NOW $1005.00 +gst !
    - Note: Above set includes power supply to suit Australia.
    - Self contained 6 channel video server !
    - I/O Ports for event and alarm triggering such as motion detection or door switches.
    - CLICK HERE for full details
    - Express 6 FAQ and complete User Manual
    - Express6 Brochure
    Click on them and print them off.
    How do you know its GREAT ? Here is a typical independent testimonial.
    * Yep. You delivered! Paid for, installed and fantastic!!
    Anne R.

    StarDot DVR
    Dital Video Recording Software!! Available NOW !
    SOF-DVR16 16 Camera DVR Software $420+gst Download License or $495+gst Boxed Set
    SOF-DVR100 100 Camera DVR Software $850+gst Download License or $925+gst Boxed Set
  • Professional Security Software for Managing Network Cameras and Video Servers
  • View/Record/Playback 16 Video Streams
  • Automated Hard Disk Management
  • Simultaneous Record/Playback
  • Single Integrated Application
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Multiple Camera Playback
  • Movie and Image Export

  • StarDot Weather Station for NetCam and NetCam MP
    Weather Reporting and Weather Monitoring!! Available NOW !
    By combining a NetCam with temperature, humidity, and barometric sensors, image+weather is available for the following applications:
  • Remote Airport Monitoring
  • Highway Condition Monitoring
  • Ski Area Monitoring
  • Remote Weather Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring for Pollution Enforcement

  • AUX-WX1 Miniature Weather Station $428.59+gst
    AUX-WX2 Weather Station $456.72+gst

    Delivery Charges
    * We ship worldwide

    Common Questions
    *NetCam Live FAQ
    *NetCam MP FAQ
    *NetCam XL FAQ
    *Express 6 FAQ
    * CALL us on 61-3-96998844 for more detailed questions

    Price List Notes:

    * All prices are in Australian Dollars (NOT US Dollars)
    * All prices are subject to change. Please confirm before ordering.
    * All prices exclude 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) unless otherwise stated.
    * For Export orders GST does not apply. Use the "Ex Tax" pricing column
    * Prices do not include delivery
    * Cable and Lens options must be purchased outright. Can not substitute for price difference.

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