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International Spam Blacklist and Whitelist of IP Addresses and Domain Names of Scams,Spam,Viruses
Also now includes IP Address Firewall Listing of hacking attempts to IMAP,POP,FTP,HTTP

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For help with email rejections, requests to get unblocked or any other questions or help regarding spam simply email

Important Notice: Our Blackist is still Free. But we may no longer send you our free SpamAlert courtesy email.
Ironically some time ago one commercial spam blacklist company, that charges highly for their blacklist service, intentionally listed us merely for FORWARDING Spam emails back to the spam source IP Address Owner who sent the Spam or Scam. Yep, ironicaly even though clearly we actively fight spam and have never originated any Scam, Spam or Virus. How dumb or nasty is that! We merely send the evidence of the exact Spam details so that the Spam Source can follow them up! Basically letting you know that somehow your IP Address was used to Spam us.
It looks like these Spam sources are more than happy to allow their spams to go OUT but don't like you to send their spams sent BACK to them! We therefore have had to scale back our Free courtesy advice service. Sorry if you are one of those that have been blocked without the courtesy of an email advice. But what else can we do ? Best you talk to any blacklist companies that blacklists us about their reasons. And we certainly don't want to criticise or annoy anyone. But until their detection methods improve or thier policy changes there seems not much else we can do. We have to avoid being blacklisted ourselves for forwarding you that all important Spam alert notification, with the spam details you should get from any Blackist service...in an ideal world.

The problem with Blacklists
It is always annoying to find you're Blacklisted. Even more so if it's done mistakenly. False positives or "mistakes" are common with other lists. Hence we decided long ago that we do NOT filter on text. Most importantly this is NOT a "Dumb" Blacklist. It is double checked manually by a real human! It is updated continually using actual Spams received from Spam Source IP Addresses. Yes, this is very time consuming to administer! So if you have been blocked on this list then it's for a genuine reason. That's for sure. For example:
- Your ISP, Email Service or Company members may have a history of repeatedly spamming us. Despite numerous formal complaints to them.
- Your Computer or your Company may have unknowingly or intentionally sent numerous Virus or Spam emails to us.
- You may have a compromised email account due to a weak password or dictionary hack attack and was or is still now being used by spammers.

Being Blacklisted is NOT necessarily a BAD thing and certainly not usually vindictive. Although we know of at least one popular Blacklist project organisation that does blacklist vindictively or if they take a dislike to you for any reason whatsoever. Even if you don't send scams, spams or viruses. And you can not even phone to talk to anyone about it. We only list IP Addresses of Email Servers that have actually originated Spam. After all it stops Viruses, Scams and unwanted emails from spreading. And that's a GOOD thing, right?
Often your Email Server or Computer will send Spam because you are the Victim of a hack or infection by a Virus, Malware, Trojan, or "botnet" and your Server or PC is acting as a "mini server" for Spammers and Hackers. Still, whilst you may be totally unaware and indeed innocent you need to be Blacklisted and blocked to stop the SPREAD and also preferably NOTIFIED so that YOU ARE AWARE and can fix it and make amends! And then get unblocked. We hope you agree that would be the ideal system. Well, someone has to do it. We like to think we do our bit to do BOTH.
If you have a better solution to the Spam problem we would like to hear it.

CLICK HERE to See the Micronica Spam Blocking List if your email has been rejected.
Unlike other Blacklists this was and we believe still is the World's first and only Blacklist to be totally open and readable. With comments. No secrets here. This is also a GREAT Spam Blacklist directory to see what IP Addresses have sent Spam and also what Domain Names send persitant and repeated spam
Then Phone or Email us as outlined below.

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CLICK HERE if you are an ISP, Business, Organisation, School or Individual and you have been blocked.

CLICK HERE for info on the Spam Problem. And reasons for our Blocking Policy.

CLICK HERE for why we block some Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and other nasty anonymous "Freemail" spam sending mail servers.

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CLICK HERE how to use the Micronica Spam Blacklist to block Spam using Sendmail or Postfix

CLICK HERE how to see Email Full Header Information with Gmail, Hotmail, Live.com, Microsoft Outlook and Eudora Email Reader to see where the Spam is REALLY coming from.

CLICK HERE to read a typical email recruiting spammers! They even provide their contact details!

Before you complain about a wanted email being blocked, think about this...
Despite our very effective AntiSpam system which is updated manually and very carefully continually daily against spam sources, we still get at least a trickle of spams per day which is regarded very good and indeed enviable by any ISP. But Spam is still a major problem for our members and EXTREMELY costly for us to administer.
It is in the interest of every ISP and Company to retain their reputation to their own customers by ensuring they don't harbour Spammers! Yes, many "Cloud Services" and ISP's actually do and are VERY uncooperative to pursue or prosecute them. Simply closing a Spammer's account or a Scammer's hosting service which uses malware to collect your credit card information is not enough. And yes we have come across and reported both to more than one major ISP. We encourage specially ISP's to deal with any scammer or spamming customers swiftly and decisively and thereby avoid being blocked by other ISP's like ourselves.

Also if your email server is not properly configured it may be interpreted as a source of anonymous spam. Specially if your Internet IP address does not resolve to a valid domain name. A method used by many spammers. Contact your ISP if a "nslookup" (substitute your ip address) does not resolve to your real domain name ! Your ISP should know better and set it up properly !
So any source of Scam, Spam and Virus emails WILL be BLOCKED. And usually ADVISED. If we don't then we just get even more the next day ! If you have a better solution to the Spam problem we would like to hear it.

Important Notice: We can no longer send you our free SpamAlert courtesy notifications.
We are seeking your feedback and submissions to reassess the operation of the much needed and appreciated innovative Spam Alert project.

Ironically even though we actively fight spam and have never originated any Scam, Spam or Virus we were once blacklisted by spamhaus.org !
Spamhaus.org who have been widely criticised for their blacklisting policies had criticised and blacklisted our domain name for forwarding scams and spam incidents back to the sender IP Address and the people responsible for the IP Address and Domain Names sending the Spams.
Spamhaus accused us suggesting donations for taking our staff time to individually notify the offender that they sent spam, and the important notification advice that they had been blacklisted, as "extortion". Oddly enough as someone pointed out to us spamhaus.org is not a free organisation but a company that charges others many thousands of dollars protection money for innocent users to use their hidden blacklist. Whilst ours is totally open, downloadable and free. We asked spamhaus.org to remove the blacklisting but they refused. Happy to email you a copy of the spamhaus.org reply, just ask. They finally unlisted us after pressure from other organisations who pointed out our good reputation and that they needed to do business with us and spamhaus was destroying the business. And that we are squeeky clean and never originated any spams to anyone.
But maybe is spamhaus.org right to blacklist us ? So let's not be critical of spamhaus.org. Indeed you will notice on our own list that we actually Whitelist their IP for the work they do as they are not spammers. We actually appreciate their feedback with a positive mind and value their opinion.
However in view of Spamhaus's important opinion we will no longer send you a Spam Alert email advising you that your email system has sent us a spam and you are blacklisted, with the copy of the spam contents as evidence and the full header details to allow you to determine how you sent the spam, the complete email trail and who did it. With a suggestion to consider a donation if you found the SpamAlert helpful. Which we have been doing for free. You will need to find that out if you ever email us and get rejected. We apologise to anyone who for some reason hates being notifed and also to those who appreciated it. We had a few notes of appreciation which was encouraging. It was actually a huge burden of work to do that. Now no more. We will save that time to get on with our main business instead. It is important that we sincerely apologise to spamhaus for offending them.
Also please be clear that Blocking spam is not our main business. It is just our own Blocklist that we set up and use when we found third party lists simply didn't work. It is not profitable and Donations are voluntary. If your email address needs to be whitelisted there is still no charge. It's free. Just phone or email your request. Hey after all we WANT to receive legitimate emails from you! Right ?

We would like to open for discussion and reassess in an open minded manner whether to make our freely readable blacklist secret again. And whether alerting and forwarding the spam incidents to the sender, which is extremely time consuming, is appreciated or actually undesirable. Or if you think it is better to simply block spam sources without telling them. To keep at least spamhaus.org and perhaps everyone else much happier.
We feel we would love to be notified if we inadvertantly ever orignated any scams or spams. And get a copy of the spam emailed to me for free. But maybe you disagree. We have some encouraging notes of appreciation from people for being alerted. We certainly don't want to offend anyone. After all the idea is to band together in the good fight aginst the biggest problem on the internet...Scams, spams and Viruses!

Keep in mind BLOCKING a scam or spam source IP Addresses is quick and easy using "dumb" detectors. ANALYSIS and ADVISING the source is what's time consuming. But the last thing we want to do is be part of the problem rather than the solution! Also keep in mind that this is simply our own list which we have built up over 15 years ! Without any support from anyone! Over 45000 lines of it! Yep, each one was manually analysed. We have had no outside funding for this.

Feel welcome to please submit your views and comments to the email address below. Specially the issues of:
1) Is forwarding of spams back to the source IP desirable to alert them with the evidence of the spam so they KNOW they sent us spam and explain why they have been blacklisted.
2) Is it ethical to suggest a donation to cover part of the cost such as even $1 when advising the spammer source with the detailed clear evidence of their spam.
3) What's better. Do you prefer a system of paying for protection to use a blacklist or blacklist software rather than perhaps a dollar or even once cent from those responsible who actually sent the spam.
4) Spam Alert notification wording suggestions that don't sound draconian but diplomatic to you.
5) Should we consider reopening the SpamAlert system of notification or keep it now closed completely forever. (It's really way too much unpaid work for us anyway :)
6) Any other comments and suggestions.
And hey, if you feel like helping and sharing in the project by making a voluntary donation as encouragement for our efforts, the link is below :)

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