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Testimonials from Happy AntiSpam! Customers
The Low Spam/Zero Spam solution you have been looking for !

Brief overview of Services:
  • We believe in doing things differently rather than making things complicated
  • Business Hosting and Email Accounts
  • Personal Hosting and Email Accounts
  • PROPRIETARY DEVELOPED Spam Blocking before Spam Emails are even received as opposed to Spam Filtering
  • Better than 99% uptime guarantee
  • Transfer of existing Domain Name, Websites and Email
  • Provisioning and Support for your own Internet Server and "Cloud" functionality
  • Customised Cloud Computing Application Design and Development
  • Offsite Backup Service and Snapshot Computer backups for fast Data Recovery and peace of mind
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Virus Cleaning and Removal
  • Domain Registration and DNS Maintenance
  • Even your own webserver on your own site if you want

  • Note: For all prices please add 10% GST

    Micronica Professional Email Addresses. Includes Free AntiSpam! Spam Blocking feature - Just $50/Year!
  • Now includes TWO Email Addresses for the price of one!
  • This is the one you need when you are sick of being spied on by "Freemail", Gmail, Hotmail and all those "Freemail" services that are "free" for a reason.
  • Just $50/YEAR! Thats under $1/Week! Less than the cost of a cup of coffee. No extra fees whatsoever. Simple and Easy.
  • A Tech Expert Level 3 provides free prompt Personal help support every time you need it. No untrained Call Centres! Quick, simple and easy.
  • Your email address such as yourname@micronica.com.au. Much more reputable and professional looking than yourna635@gmail.com
  • Heaps better than all those Advertisement and Spam riddled "Freemail" such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo!
  • No pesky ads. No Spying. NO EMAIL SIZE LIMITS. Your email is Private and Secure!
  • We donít use your email, calendar, or other personal content to harvest or target ads to you.
  • TOTAL PRIVACY. We do NOT collect your data! We do NOT look at your emails!
  • Finally the new Spam Free email solution you have been looking for ! The best Spam blocked Email solution available.
  • We detect, Block and prevent your email Spam for you !
  • Access your email from anywhere in the world. Your email travels with you.
  • Micronica AntiSpam! rejects most junk mail from Spam and Scam sources including many servers from Hotmail, Yahoo and others. Unless you want it :)
  • Automatic BLOCKING of 99% of Spam Emails and Internet Sources including Dark Web, Phishing scams, Viruses or Malware and unsafe links. For FREE.
  • Read some real Customer Testimonials how great our proprietary AntiSpam! Spam Blocking works.
  • Even if you change Internet Service Providers you keep the same Email Address. Forever. So convenient
  • Includes free Webmail, POP Email, and Email Diversion feature to any email address anywhere.
  • No Email Volume or Size Limits! YES! That's right! The current record is 283 MBytes, 2088 Messages downloaded by one member in one hit.
  • It doesn't matter what ISP you use. You can always use your Micronica email address such as myemail@micronica.com.au
  • Imagine the time you will save not having to wade through all the Spams you get right now, every day. AntiSpam! Blocks Spam, Scams and Malware. At their SOURCES! Is your time worth just $1/Week ?.
  • Here is just a part of our Proprietary Micronica AntiSpam! Spam Blacklist
  • You can continue to use your own favourite local text filtering if you want to do Double filtering.
  • Any email source inadvertantly blocked by our system gets selectively "Opened Up" or "White Listed" specially for you. For free.
  • Bonus FREE 5 MB Web Site space for your own Website. Just ask for it.
  • Takes just 5 Minutes for us to set up and activate for you. For just $50/year you can't go wrong! Try it out.

  • Micronica AntiSpam! Spam Blocking List Service Product for Corporate, Business, Education users
  • From $5/day ! For Corporate, Business, Education users with your own Email Server.
  • Protect your WHOLE organisation with ONE low monthly or annual fee.
  • Our OWN special Blocking lists including Firewall list which blocks over 95% of Spam and Hackers in REAL LIFE in an INTELLIGENT way.
  • We provide you a monthly or annual License to our blocking list to install and automatically download daily on your own local server.
  • This effective solution allows you to reject Spam Traffic from the Source at your Gate!. And also block Hackers IP Addresses.
  • Substantial Traffic cost savings alone. Plus obvious huge Labour cost savings.
  • Our blocking list is "Australia centric". Not USA centric. We send meaningful blocking messages to local Spam sources in most cases.
  • See our AntiSpam! Blocking List to give you some idea of the daily cost and effort you will save from our service.
  • We provide our full Blocking and Firewall lists online daily automatically. Or download as required.

  • Web Site Mini Personal Homepage - $50 /Year.
    - Yes, just $50 per YEAR! Your own real Website
    - If you just want to advertise yourself or your products on the net
    - 5 MB Space for Free. Enough for even quite a BIG web site. More can be provided.

    Website Hosting for your Domain Name - Just $30/Month !
    - We handle it all for you. Your own Web Site with your own Domain Name
    - Monthly fee INCLUDES domain name hosting AND web site space !
    - Free Wordpress Software installed for you to administer and update your website yourself
    - With your OWN 100MB Disk Space ! Enough for even a big professional website.
    - At this price why bother with headaches maintaining your own server and data links.
    - Just one $100 Setup Charge.

    Internet Training "Crash Course".
    - After just an hour of your time you will start to use the internet like an expert.
    - Training session on your site our our's. Daytime, 8:30pm evening and weekend sessions no problem.
    - We will teach you how to send, receive and reply to email. And surf and search The Net.

    DEDICATED IP Address Web Site, FTP Site, Game Site
    - YES! Your OWN fixed IP Address. For specialist applicaitons that can not use Network Address Translation NAT or DNS to get through.

    Domain Name Registration - .com.au - $75+gst/Year
    - We can also do all the initial registration, searching, paperwork, delegation, DNS Assignment etc. for you if required.
    - Just tell us what name you want registered. We do the rest.

    Domain Name Registration - .com - $100+gst/Year
    - Includes domain name registration and delegation
    - We do all the registration, searching, paperwork etc. for you.
    - Just tell us what name you want registered. We do the rest.

    .melbourne Domain Name Registration
    Domain Name Registration - .melbourne - $80/Year
    - We now offer .melbourne Domain Name Registration.
    - CALL us on 03-96998844 with the Domain Name you want to register IMMEDIATELY before its gone!

    Domain Name Hosting and Diversion. - $99/Year.
    - We will host your domain name and provide the necessary DNS server registration.
    - We will point or divert your domain name to any web site on the internet if you like.
    - No setup fee.

    Email Virtual Server Hosting. - Just $30/Month !
    - Your own email address and domain name. Such as sales@yourcompany.com.au
    - Monthly fee INCLUDES domain name hosting AND email handling !
    - $100 Setup Charge.
    - With 5 free email addresses ! Linked to your standard email account.
    - We handle it all for you.
    - At this price why bother with headaches maintaining your own server and data links.

    Unlimited Email addresses. - Just $ 9/week !
    - Links UNLIMITED email addresses of YOUR choice to your email account.
    - For example yourco@micronica.com.au will also automatically receive yourco+fred@micronica.com.au, yourco+sales@micronica.com.au etc.
    - No Setup Charge !
    - At this price why bother with headaches maintaining your own server and data links.

    Your OWN REAL Hosted Web Server and domain name - $50/week.
    - Not a "virtual" server. Your own dedicated REAL hosted server with full acess.
    - With your OWN 500MB Disk Space !
    - 20 Free Email Accounts with individual names of YOUR choice.
    - We provide all the necessary hardware and software and maintain it here.
    - At this price why bother with headaches maintaining your own server and data links.

    A Secure Gateway to the Internet. "Micronica InterConnect!Gateway" - $495
    - Put your entire School or Organisation on the Net
    - Secure Firewall/Proxy Server
    - All Software included and fully INSTALLED. Preconfigured and ready to go.
    - Can be used on our Ethernet, Broadband, ISDN or Dialup line.
    - Another GREAT Micronica product that REALLY works from Day One !

    A Complete Internet Server. "Micronica InterConnect!Server" - $2495
    - For really serious users. Run your OWN Web Server. Your whole School or Organisation on the Internet and as an Intranet
    - Puts you in total control of your Website and Email
    - Complete Linux Server. Installed set up and configured
    - Allows Web, HTTP, FTP, DNS, Unlimited Email accounts. The LOT !
    - Micronica will provide ongoing support, service and help if you require or do it yourself.
    - Another GREAT Micronica Internet solution that REALLY works from Day One !

    Internet Router
    - Connect your whole organisation to your Internet connection
    - We will install and configure your router. Low Cost. Easy to set up.

    Homepage Design.
    - From $72/hour
    - Under $100 can get you an advertising presence on the net to get started !
    - Specialised requirements for complex web sites are no problem at our very affordable rates.
    - International advertising that works for you 24 hours/day.

    CGI-BIN and Perl script Programming.
    - We write CGI-BIN and Perl scripts for you. Check out some demo samples.

    Advertise at Micronica. - $30/month.
    - Your own special Banner Add on our main home page www.micronica.com.au which has huge daily exposure and customer visist
    - You will hit a BIG target audience of thousands of people every day.

    Internet and General Computer Support Services.
    - If anyone can solve it, Micronica can ! Check out business profile and reputation.
    - Reasonable and realistic Labour Rates
    - General Computer Support
    - Mid Range Networking Expertise
    - Advanced Networking Expertise (including Novell, Linux, NT, TCP/IP)
    - Certified Novell Engineer available !
    - Cisco Router Configuration Expert (Cisco qualified)
    - 3Com Router Configuration Expert
    - Wide Area Network Design Expert and Consultation
    - Perl Programming and CGI-BIN Programming for your web site
    - Web Design

    If none of the above suit you, call us to negotiate a customised package.

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    184 Napier Street, South Melbourne, 3205 Victoria, AUSTRALIA
    (03) 96998844
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